Ten Dates Interview: Sam Buchanan on Improvising & Interactive Movies

ComingSoon Editor-in-Chief Tyler Treese spoke with Ten Dates star Sam Buchanan about interactive experiences and what sort of games he might like to appear in. Ten Dates is set to release on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch, PC, iOS, and Android on February 14.

“Misha, a millennial from London in search of that elusive in-person connection, tricks her best friend Ryan into going to a speed dating event with her,” reads the game’s synopsis. “Each with their own five potential matches, Misha and Ryan must pluck up the courage and turn on the charm to date wildly different personalities.”

Tyler Treese: You have some fun scenes with Rosie Day. What stood out about her as a stage partner?

Sam Buchanan: Rosie is wicked. I think for me when working closely with someone it’s always a bit nerve-racking on first meet in case you don’t click, etc., but me and Rosie got on like a house on fire pretty much instantly, which meant working together was a total pleasure. We’re now close pals!

Did you draw from your own dating experience any for the role?

I’ll naturally always tap into past experiences for a role. Bash has an energy that reminds me of my younger self for sure!

From an acting standpoint, what was most interesting about being part of an interactive project like Ten Dates?

As an actor, I’m always interested in pushing boundaries. I found the prep for Ten Dates a challenge in the sense there was so much material to learn. On top of that you are learning 3/4 different reactions to certain questions, all with their own pathways. Brain fried!

The modern dating scene is always interesting to explore. What about Ten Dates really attracted you to the project?

Ten Dates was like something I’d never really seen before let alone be a part of. I’m a bit of a gamer myself so love the idea of an interactive feature. I knew it would be a challenge but that drew me to the project even more. Paul’s passion is infectious so just from chatting to him I was on board.

The director, Paul Raschid, has experience with interactive films. Can you speak to collaborating with him and how his experience helped guide you through this non-traditional project?

Paul is brilliant. I think what he is doing which is essentially pioneering a genre of film is an incredible achievement. How he manages to write so many strands of story, all with honesty and credibility fascinates me. Me and Paul got on straight away, sharing many things in common — art, gaming, football to name a few! And it made working with him an absolute pleasure. I felt incredibly relaxed and able to play within the work, as well as finding the chemistry with Rosie. Paul allowed us to do that. I believe a fair bit of improvisation between me and Rosie is in the film, which is testament to the free and fluid process.

Do you have any past experience with interactive films/full-motion video games? They’ve seen a real resurgence in the past decade.

Ten Dates was my first dip into the world of interactive films, and hopefully not my last.

Are you looking to do more acting in experimental projects or games in the future?

I’m always open as an actor to new experiences if the project is right. Motion Capture is something I’ve always wanted to try. Being a big fan of games like Call of Duty, the idea of being a playable character was always something I found pretty sick!


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