CS Interview: Gordon Ramsay on His New Mobile Game Chef Blast


CS Interview: Gordon Ramsay on His New Mobile Game Chef Blast

Famed chef Gordon Ramsay is launching a new mobile game titled Chef Blast that goes live today! To commemorate the event, ComingSoon.net reached out to Ramsay, who was kind enough to respond to our questions and offer a little more insight as to what fans can expect from this new game. Order here from Google Play!

Outplay Entertainment, the largest independent mobile game developer in the UK, is releasing the match-two puzzle game Gordon Ramsay’s Chef Blast (Chef Blast) globally for iOS and Android devices. Created in close collaboration with Ramsay and Chinese co-development partner, iDreamSky, and inspired by the “Culinary Genius” television show, Chef Blast takes the sights, sounds, and joy of cooking and dishes them up in a fun, fresh, and accessible casual puzzle game. As players jostle their way to the top of the leaderboard, they are cheered on in ways that only Ramsay could as they try to unlock exclusive recipes created by him.

Chef Blast challenges players in fun and innovative ways as a cartoon version of Chef Gordon Ramsay offers encouragement or the occasional virtual kick in the backside. By completing challenges, players are able to unlock some of the chef’s favorite recipes as well as new exclusives that have never been available online or in any of his top-selling cookbooks.

Additional Chef Blast features include:

  • CHEF RAMSAY – Fun animations and hundreds of lines of voice-over from the Chef himself provide an authentic Ramsay experience every step of the way.
  • BEEFY BOOSTERS – Players can use the satisfying kitchen Hammer, Peeler, Knife, or Whisk to help slice and dice their way to success.
  • RECIPE BOOK – With new recipes unlocking every two weeks, players have the opportunity to win and keep them within their very own Recipe Book.
  • GENIUS LEAGUE – Top players can compete in the exclusive Culinary Genius™ tournament to earn trophies and rewards.

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ComingSoon.net: Thanks for giving ComingSoon.net the opportunity to check out your new app, Chef Blast — it’s a lot of fun and very addicting. I imagine a lot of people will spend a great deal of time working hard to unlock the latest recipe! Where did Chef Blast come from — what led to its development?

Gordon Ramsay: I’ve been fascinated by the games market for ages and was ready to bring something new and exciting to the mobile market after seeing the kids at home glued to their phones. They love puzzle games so when iDreamsky and Outplay came to the table to bring a food game to the market, I couldn’t say no.

CS: Describe the production process of Chef Blast — and how much say did you have in its overall development?

Ramsay: I’ve been involved since the very beginning. We’ve brought in all the food elements I think would make this game truly unique and to top it off, for the first time ever, I’m bringing exclusive recipes to a game. Throughout the year there’s going to be a lot of exciting food elements that I brought to the table to make the game the best out there.

CS: I love the inclusion of the recipes as added bonuses players can unlock. What are some of the recipes players can expect to discover throughout the game — and how did you choose which ones to include?

Ramsay: We’re making seasonal dishes throughout the year as well as some Ramsay classics. Of course there’s a Beef Wellington but we also have a pasta dish, a stunning pork belly and maybe even something that will make you a winner on Valentines night. So you better unlock, because trust me there’s going to be a lot of new recipes coming to users!

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CS: This is a game that could seemingly go on forever — how long can players expect level upgrades and new food weapons to use at their disposal?

Ramsay: Like any game we want to keep it up to date on trends and make it more exciting, so I expect them to be there for a while. But I’m a creative person and always coming up with new ideas, just ask my team, so you never know what will be around the corner!

CS: What are you most excited for players to experience when playing Chef Blast?

Ramsay: I’m excited for players to see a puzzle game with food elements and my personal touch. It’s about time someone yelled at users for not matching the right pieces!!! I’m sure people have been waiting to be called a donut for years, now they can and play a fun game to boot.

CS: How different is Chef Blast from other Gordon Ramsay-themed games, such as Gordon Ramsay Dash and Hell’s Kitchen?

Ramsay: Well it’s my first foray into the puzzle space, which I think is growing like mad. Ramsay DASH was my first mobile game and was a huge hit but I wanted to do puzzles because that’s what I see the kids playing at home all the time. So, Chef Blast seemed like the perfect fit!

Where else can you have me yell at you for not matching correctly? People have stopped me in the streets asking to yell at them, now all you have to do is go to the App Store or Google Play!

CS: Was the production of Chef Blast different/harder/easier/similar to those games?

Ramsay: I think since this is my second game, it was easier to understand and give my ideas. I also think because I’ve seen the kids at home playing on their phones more so than ever, it was like I had my own personal Research and Development Team!

CS: I’ve read you’re not much of a gamer, mainly due to time constraints — is this true? If so, will that change with Chef Blast?

Ramsay: Well my phone is my office, so it’s tough to take a break when I’m making calls and responding to emails. So, I’m definitely not on Fortnite or anything like that. But recently as I’ve been shooting my new UK game show Bank Balance, I’ve needed to shut off, so I’ve been playing beta versions of Chef Blast. And to be honest, it was the perfect way to unwind after a long day. And before you ask, I played in the car not at home! Tana would kill me!

CS: Switching gears slightly, at this point you’ve enjoyed astounding success in seemingly every form of medium there is — where do you go from here? Or, what’s the next big project you’ve got lined up?

Ramsay: Stay tuned, we have some very exciting things in 2021 that I’m sure fans are going to love and things you probably wouldn’t expect from me, which makes it even more exciting. So, keep on guessing what it is and we’ll chat when it’s released!