CS Plays: Enter the Madness Known as Doom Eternal!

CS Plays: Enter the Madness Known as Doom Eternal!

We’ve already laid out our review of Bethesda’s instant classic Doom Eternal, which you can read here, but now it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty of this violent, intense, relentless first-person shoot-em-up extravaganza. If you’ve got some time to spare, check out the video below as I navigate through the snowy hilltops of the demonic Cultist Base. Click here to purchase Doom: Eternal!

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I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, this guy must be some kind of pro to feel confident enough to share his gameplay footage with the world entire. Actually, I’m here to say the Doom Eternal experience left me humbled. I mean, I played this level on Ultra-Violence and it straight up kicked my ass. I’ve watched others on the world wide web bounce about the very same terrains like Mario on crack, which makes my admittedly pedestrian style pathetic by comparison. Still, I do better as the video progresses. And while I was left feeling exhausted and a tad flustered by the experience, I still had a blast kicking demon ass!

For those unaware, Doom Eternal continues the blood-soaked exploits of the fabled Doom Slayer, a mysterious, silent defender of Earth seemingly raised for one purpose: to battle the minions of Hell. His war takes him from the ash filled terrain of our planet, into space, Mars, Hell and even (I think) Heaven itself, where our watchful guardian (our silent protector) takes on hordes of zombies, cyber demons, and those bastard spider things in a violent campaign to purge the villains from our dimension. It’s also just an excuse to let gamers take on the aforementioned demons in a lengthy campaign designed that feels less like a video game and more like a wild, guts ‘n blood infested rock concert through the deepest depths of Hell.

As Captain Hook famously said (and I’m paraphrasing): “You’ll fight. You’ll cry. And then … you’ll die.”