Celebrate April Fools’ Day with This Year’s Best Movie-Related Pranks

It’s that special day of the year where everything you read online should taken with an extra grain of salt. While we’re keeping ComingSoon.net’s news feed free of any April Fools’ Day pranks, there’s a number of other sites that have gone above and beyond with some very funny movie and TV related gags, the best of which we’re highlighting below. 

CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research that is home to the Large Hadron Collider, got in on the festivities by confirming the existence of the Force in a an elaborate article that ends with the prediction that, “the Force will awaken later this year”.

Meanwhile, in Washington D.C., the Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum announced that it is hosting a special one day exhibit that pays tribute to Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet. If you’re not able to visit it in person, you can see it (or not) in the player below:

IGN tied April Fools’ Day to this Friday’s release of Furious 7, debuting a crossover trailer that blends Vin Diesel into another iconic Universal Pictures franchise. Check out the trailer for Fast to the Future!

Marvel Entertainment, meanwhile, is looking towards the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a teaser for the epic “Phase 9” entry, Lokitty’s Revenge. Check out the trailer, which stars an all-canine Avengers team!

As they do every year, ThinkGeek has added a number of faux products to its website, including an impressive “Voltron” cat condo, a 360-degree selfie ring and even a line of Mad Max-themed Power Wheels! Here’s their commercial:

Pets seem to be a popular theme this year as both Redbox and Hulu, too, revealed fake versions of their respective sites geared at our four-legged friends. Click here to check out Petbox, which offers a number of parody movie posters like Gone Squirrel and Pig Hero 6, and here to visit Hulu Pets. You can also check out one of the latter’s videos with a TV spot for “The Real Pugs of Portland.”