Bottleneck Gallery’s Return of the Jedi Print Completes the Triptych

Bottleneck Gallery’s Return of the Jedi Print by Juan Esteban Rodriguez goes on sale tomorrow

Although we have almost a full two-year wait until Star Wars: Episode VIII, we can rest easy knowing at least one trilogy is complete: artist Juan Esteban Rodriguez’s triptych of Star Wars posters. His previous two limited editions, Lucasfilm-approved prints for Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back, proved to be a massive success, and now he’s rounding out his gorgeous set of Original Trilogy illustrations with, what else, Return of the Jedi, which Brooklyn’s Bottleneck Gallery will put up for sale this Friday, January 29 at 12 p.m. Eastern. 

Rodriguez’s stunning 18 x 24-inch, 5-color screen print, which depicts Luke’s confrontation with Jabba the Hutt in his palace of decadence,  is numbered out of an edition of 300 and will cost $40 each. There is also a more warm-hewed variant edition that is numbered out of an edition of 100 and will cost $50 each. You can check both variations, along with the previous two prints, in the gallery below!

If you happened to already purchase the previous two from Bottleneck, they will be sending out a special reserve link today so you can complete your set. If you’re a rabid Star Wars poster hound -or Slave Leia devotee- then this seems like a must-own. You should be able to purchase the Return of the Jedi print at this link on Friday.

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