Exclusive Mondo Masters of the Universe Figure Reveal!

Mondo has provided ComingSoon.net with some exclusive reveals from their premium Masters of the Universe collectible toy line. We also had the chance to speak with Mondo’s Creative Director for Toys/Collectibles Brock Otterbacher, who gave us more details of their upcoming releases including the much-buzzed-about Man-At-Arms figure! Check out the exclusive reveals in the gallery below!

Mondo has also posted some of their own reveals which you can check out at this link!

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“When people see Man-At-Arms go up for sale, which won’t be for another month or so… If they’re seeing them for the first time they might wonder, ‘What about He-Man, Skeletor, etc?'” Otterbacher told us. “So this is kind of a ‘Here’s what we have, some new images, plus some sneak peeks of the concepts we’re working on.'”

Figures in Mondo’s MOTU line that have been released so far include He-Man, Skeletor, Faker, Scare Glow and Mer-Man.

“Man-At-Arms is pretty much done over at the factory so we’ll be shipping him out pretty soon,” Otterbacher said. “The armor he has… there’s so much of it. In the lore he’s the master of arms, kind of the war veteran, drill sergeant type character. We’re really pushing the fact that he’s fully armored. He comes with the big giant shield, which the original did not have. He has the giant mace. We focused previously on the fantasy side of MOTU, now we want to focus on the sci-fi side. The original design of Man-At-Arms was based on a Spanish Conquistador, and it’s a little Roman gladiator as well. In the original concept art for the 80’s figure Man-At-Arms had a big mace with a ball on top of it. It was supposed to pop out and be attached by a string or chain. That had never been done before so we added that in because the scale we’re working at we can do a lot more. The chain can pop out of the mace and you can have him hold it.”

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The Man-At-Arms figure will also come with quite a few accessories!

“With the kind of helmet he has we couldn’t make it removable, so we did switch-out heads,” Otterbacher added. “We have a head with the helmet, the head without the helmet, with the snake head, etc. For the broom mustache we have a little bit of Josh Brolin, his hair from Cable and all that. It’s an authoritative look that also honors the original figures and a little bit of the Filmation cartoon. He also comes with Orko in a jar!”

The exclusive concept reveals which you can see in the gallery below include Keldor (Skeletor’s original human-ish form), Beast Man and Goddess!

“We have She-Ra in development, but we also want to do some of the more fan-based lower-tiered characters that are a little out there,” stated Otterbacher of the future of their MOTU line. “I have a plan for Battle Cat, but I want to get a few more figures into it before we launch that plan. But I certainly want to do Battle Cat, Panthor and all that stuff. People think Battle Cat is gonna be huge, but he’s not gonna be that big because he’s big but in proportion to the figures he’s not a three-foot-long cat or anything. It’ll be big but not at the scale of something like Hasbro’s Jabba Sail Barge. I’m not working on a Castle Grayskull anytime soon!”


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