Disneyland California Announces Avengers Campus Opening

Disneyland California Announces Avengers Campus Opening

Disneyland California announces Avengers Campus opening

At a time when it seems everything is being cancelled or closed over coronavirus concerns, Disney has given the public a glimmer of hope as they have announced the opening date of the Disneyland California Advenure location of Avengers Campus on July 18! (Via VitalThrills)

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The park area, which was announced a few years ago, will focus on looking for the next generation of heroes, inviting fans to team up with the titular group of Marvel heroes and their allies to live out their wildest superhero dreams in the fully immersive area blending innovative technology and fun for all ages.

Much like the neighboring park’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge area, the Avengers Campus will feature various performers portraying iconic heroes, including Spider-Man, Iron-Man in brand-new armor, Ant-Man and the Wasp, Black Widow and more, alongside legendary villains Taskmaster, who can replicate other heroes’ abilities, and the mischievous Loki.

After the initial tease of the park with 2017’s Guardians of the Galaxy — Mission: BREAKOUT!, the next ride to be unveiled for fans and parkgoers will be Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure, which will see star Tom Holland reprising his role for an action-packed adventure inviting guests to put their web-slinging skills to the test as they help Spidey capture the out-of-control Spider-Bots before they can wreak havoc on the campus. During an open house at the World Engineering Brigade, aka WEB, Peter Parker and the aspiring inventors ask guests to wear 3D glasses and test drive their latest invention, the WEB Slinger vehicle, which will allow fans to sling webs like the hero and experience what it’s like to have powers.

When we set out to create these extraordinary Super Hero experiences across the globe, we designed a new Spider-Man attraction for Disney California Adventure park in an immersive land with amazing character experiences,” Scot Drake, portfolio creative executive for Walt Disney Imagineering, said in a statement. “We also crafted an original story that ties all the experiences together in ways that are authentic to these characters. We worked side-by-side with teams that brought the Avengers films and comics to life to create a place that champions the next generation of heroes.

The area will also feature new food locations for guests, including Pym Test Kitchen, in which fans can use the famous “Pym Particles” to grow and shrink just about anything, creating numerous possibilities to showcase normal foods at unusual scales, including shareable bites, inventive-sized entrees and tiny treats. Guests can watch the Pym food scientists at work in the kitchen lab, as well as taste-test foods like the Impossible plant-based large and micro meatballs with pasta served with a super-sized spoon and tiny fork, as well as gigantic soda cans and condiment bottles.

Next to the Pym Test Kitchen fans can visit the Pym Tasting Lab, which will offer grown-up beverages that includes a craft beer, ranging from a blood orange hefeweizen to an amber lager, poured from a reverse draft system where the food scientists ensure the glass fills from the bottom up.

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For those wanting a more Avengers-focused experience, they can relive the iconic post-credits moment from the original film with Shawarma Palace, which is a recreation of the iconic New York location in which guests can enjoy their favorite shawarma-inspired snacks at the food cart decked out with memorabilia and offers hand-held savory wraps with chicken shawarma and garlic sauce, or the Impossible plant-based falafel wrap.

Guests will also have the ability to travel to the cosmos for Terran Treats, with a menu cultivated by Guardian of the Galaxy‘s Taneleer Tivan that will feature everything from churro spirals with unique flavors to a cosmic orb with an outer shell revealing a decadent creamy filling, and it will be located next to the ride.