The Best Batman Villains


The Best Batman Villains

The Best Batman Villains

Batman made his debut in 1939 in Detective Comics #27 where he battled Alfred Stryker, a man who conspired to kill many of his associates. It wasn’t until his third appearance in Detective Comics #29 where he fought his first super villain with Doctor Death, who would go on to be a recurring thorn in his side. His list of adversaries would continue to grow in those early days with the likes of The Mad Monk and in the pages of Batman #1 came three infamous villains with Hugo Strange, Catwoman and The Joker.

Some come close, but no superhero has a deeper and more interesting rogues gallery than Batman. Across all of the comics, shows and films, there have been countless versions of the characters and they’ve tormented Gotham in many unspeakable ways, but Batman has been there to foil their plans… most of the time. It wasn’t easy, but we’ve combed through the extensive catalog of ne’er-do-wells that call Gotham home and picked out the 15 best Batman villains, noting their first appearances, why they’re notable, and the worst thing they’ve ever done to Batman, along with some surprises.

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