The Deadpool Character Guide

Meet the Merc with a mouth and all his friends in our Deadpool character guide!

Get to know the Deadpool characters before the movie opens next month!

On Friday, February 12, the Deadpool feature film will arrive with the first R-rated Marvel superhero movie since Punisher: War Zone. Ryan Reynolds is headlining the Deadpool movie as the title character, who he previously portrayed in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. But for the sake of everyone’s sanity, the Deadpool film is basically pretending that the first Wolverine movie never happened… and the time travel in X-Men: Days of Future Past is the perfect explanation for any continuity changes!

While 20th Century Fox has been trying to introduce the Deadpool character to comic book movie fans, his supporting characters haven’t received the same level of promotion. This is understandable, since Deadpool is clearly the star of his own movie. But aside from Colossus, most of the Deadpool characters have never been portrayed on screen before. Some of them have barely even appeared in a comic!

To bring fans up to speed ahead of the Deadpool movie, has put together the Deadpool character guide. Everything you need to know about Wade Wilson’s friends and foes is right here!

Deadpool Character Guide: Wade Wilson/Deadpool

Our Deadpool character guide begins, appropriately enough, with Wade Wilson.

As previously mentioned, Reynolds’ previous appearance as Wade Wilson in X-Men Origins: Wolverine doesn’t count. In the Deadpool movie, Wade is a mercenary who was desperate to find a cure for his cancer. However, the artificial mutant healing factor used on Wade disfigured his body and left him insane.

That’s pretty close to his comic book origin, which also tied Wade into the Weapon Plus program that created Captain America and Wolverine. It’s not clear if the Deadpool movie will maintain the Weapon Plus link between Wade and Wolverine.

The comic book and movie versions of Deadpool are both hilariously lethal to their enemies, and they have a habit of breaking the fourth wall and directly addressing the audience.

Deadpool Character Guide: Vanessa

Morena Baccarin's Vanessa is an important Deadpool character.

Some of the recent Deadpool ads have been playing up the romantic angle between Wade Wilson and Vanessa, the woman portrayed by Morena Baccarin. The relationship between Vanessa and Wade is a part of their backstory in the comics, but there is more to it. Within the Marvel Universe, Vanessa became a shapeshifting mercenary known as Copycat shortly after her relationship with Wade came to an end.

When Vanessa made her first appearance alongside Deadpool, she was disguised as Domino and she infiltrated Cable’s New Mutants/X-Force team as part of a hit on Cable. However, Vanessa turned on her employer and the real Domino was eventually rescued. Vanessa and Deadpool actually got back together at one point, before their romance fizzled out for good.

Deadpool Character Guide: Weasel

Weasel is another key Deadpool character.

T.J. Miller is playing Weasel, Deadpool’s best friend. In the Marvel Universe, Weasel’s real name was Jack Hammer, and his relationship with Deadpool was more complex. While there was a bond between the two men, Deadpool abused his friendship with Weasel, and both men have tried to kill each other over their occasional falling outs.

When not trying to avenge himself on Deadpool, Weasel was also his arms dealer and info broker.

Deadpool Character Guide: Ajax

Ajax is an antagonistic Deadpool character.

Every hero needs a villain. And while Deadpool is more of an antihero, Ajax is his personal nemesis. Ed Skrein is portraying Ajax in the Deadpool movie, although he’ll be called by his real name, Francis. Within the comic book world, Ajax was a member of Weapon X who actually “killed” Deadpool by removing his heart. Deadpool’s heart grew back when his healing factor manifested itself, and he killed Ajax in revenge.

Unfortunately for Deadpool, Ajax wasn’t as dead he thought he was. By the time that Ajax resurfaced in his life, he was stronger and smarter than Deadpool, with superspeed and an inability to feel pain. He’s still one of the most dangerous threats that Deadpool has ever faced.

Deadpool Character Guide: Negasonic Teenage Warhead

Negasonic Teenage Warhead is a Deadpool character who comes from relative obscurity in the comics.

Prior to the Deadpool movie, barely anyone knew who Negasonic Teenage Warhead was. She made one appearance in Grant Morrison’s New X-Men run… and it was the issue in which she died! Joss Whedon briefly used Negasonic Teenage Warhead in Astonishing X-Men, but that was later revealed to be a ruse. She’s still dead, and the only reason she’s in Deadpool is because the producers liked her name.

Brianna Hildebrand is portraying Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and her mutant powers include telepathy and precognition. She is also a student at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, which is run by Professor X and the X-Men.

Deadpool Character Guide: Colossus

One Deadpool character familiar to X-Men fans is Colossus.

Daniel Cudmore portrayed Colossus in three X-Men movies and barely got a chance to do anything with his character. Cudmore was offered the part in Deadpool, but he turned it down. Andre Tricoteux originally had the role of Colossus in Deadpool, and he performed most of the motion capture, before he was replaced by Stefan Kapičić late in the production. 

Colossus is one of the most prominent members of the second X-Men team that debuted in Giant-Sized X-Men #1 in 1975. His mutant power is that he can transform his body into organic steel. He doesn’t really have any connection to Deadpool, and his inclusion in this movie is kind of puzzling.

Deadpool Character Guide: Angel Dust

Gina Carano's Angel Dust is another Deadpool character.

Much like Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Angel Dust is a character who has barely appeared in the comics. Angel Dust made her debut in the short-lived Morlocks comic who was superhumanly strong… until she lost her powers for good and Marvel essentially forgot about her.

Former MMA star Gina Carano is playing Angel Dust in the Deadpool movie, where she will essentially be Ajax’s enforcer and right-hand woman.

Deadpool Character Guide: Blind Al

Blind Al is a Deadpool character that we'll be seeing on the big screen soon.

Blind Al is one of the more bizarre characters in Deadpool’s supporting cast, largely due to the nature of her relationship with Deadpool. She has alternately been Deadpool’s roommate, his maternal figure, his friend, and even his prisoner. Blind Al has also out-pranked Deadpool on numerous occasions, and it’s been hinted that she used to be an intelligence operative.

Leslie Uggams will play Blind Al in the Deadpool movie, but it remains to be seen if the film will go as dark as the comic books did with Blind Al’s captivity at Deadpool’s hands.