UKM – The Ultimate Killing Machine


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Rating: Not Rated

Michael Madsen
Mak Fyfe as Waylon
Steve Arbuckle as Buddy
Victoria Nestorowicz as Zoe Snow
Erin Mackinnon as Carrie
Simon Northwood as Sgt. Dodds
Deanna Dezmari as Lena
John Evans as Dr. Stroheim
Billy Parrott as PFC Delroy
Glen Cross as Orderly
Erin Berry as Scrub
Lincoln Russel as Lennox

Special Features:

Other Info:
Widescreen (1.33:1)
English Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
Running Time: 85 Minutes

The following is from the DVD cover:

“Michael Madsen (“Sin City, “Kill Bill” Vol 1 & Vol 2) stars in this gritty thriller that will shock your senses! Waylon and Buddy volunteer to go to a medical experiment facility as a way to avoid prison. But an even worse fate awaits in a doctor’s sick surgery plans to transform each of them into an Ultimate Killing Machine.”

“UKM – The Ultimate Killing Machine” is not rated.

Simply put, “UKM” is a lot like a Roger Corman film. It’s a B-Movie with bad acting, bad music, low budget sets, and a bad plot. The final result is a horror / action film that’s more suitable for Mystery Science Theater than serious moviegoing. The story kind of rips off “The Breakfast Club’ by putting an eclectic group of rebellious teens together, but this time in a military facility with a psycho killer rather than a school library with a principal.

As already mentioned, the acting is pretty bad. The kids, who are supposed to be Americans, have distinctly Canadian accents. What’s that all ‘aboot’? And as they lay on their rebellious routines, it seems to be a big stretch of their acting abilities. Even with Michael Madsen on board, there’s little he can do to salvage this sinking ship.

The aforementioned low budget sets are also kind of amusing, especially during the big finale. As the military facility is about to go out in a huge explosion, the lead characters run off screen and the picture goes to white with an explosion sound effect. It seemed more like something from a high school film project than a serious motion picture. It doesn’t appear that those Canadian tax credits went to good use.

Unless you like B-Movies or if you simply want to laugh at a movie, pass on “UKM – The Ultimate Killing Machine.”

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