Medium: The Complete Second Season


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Rating: Not Rated

Patricia Arquette as Allison Dubois
Sofia Vassilieva as Ariel Dubois
Miguel Sandoval as D.A. Manuel Devalos
Jake Weber as Joe Dubois
Maria Lark as Bridgette Dubois
David Cubitt

Special Features:
Commentary by: Cast and crew (select episodes)

22 episodes from the 2005-2006 season on six discs

Collectible 3-D glasses included

The Story of “Medium,” Season Two

“Medium” in Another Dimension: a special on the making of the 3D episode

A Day in the Life of the DuBois Daughters

The Museum of Television and Radio Q & A with Cast and Creative Team

Gag Reel

Other Info:
English Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
Spanish Language
Running Time: 16 Hours 28 Minutes

The second season of “Medium” aired in 2006. The following is from the DVD cover:

“In Season 2 of the acclaimed drama, Emmy Award winner Patricia Arquette continues to give ‘the best, most honest and most captivatingÂ…performance by a woman in television’ (LA Weekly). Her visions get stronger as she works to solve crimes and protect the innocent.

With her unique gift, Allison DuBois can see the future and converse with the dead. This season, her dreams send her on the trail of missing coeds, anti-terrorists agents and serial killers. But her ultimate challenge comes when she confronts an unexpected forceÂ….the Angel of Death (Kelsey Grammer). She still sees what others can’t. And her visions only get stronger with time.”

“Medium: The Complete Second Season” is not rated.

“Medium” takes the basic creepy “I see dead people” theme of “The Sixth Sense” and runs with it. But rather than just seeing dead people, Patricia Arquette as Allison Dubois has dreams that give her clues to various crimes. These dreams also allow the creators to do some pretty far-out things with the show (such as a dance number, a plane crash sequence, and more). And unlike many supernatural dramas, our heroine works alongside the law to solve cases. It’s a little bit different take than audiences are used to. But to take it a step further, Allison is also portrayed as a working mother whose family is very much involved with her unusual powers. All this together makes “Medium” a bit different than “The Sixth Sense” and the dozens of other supernatural dramas on TV.

This second season has several notable things about it. This time around Allison actually starts seeing through the eyes of the ghosts. She sees their thoughts and feelings in her dreams, something that’s taken to the extreme when she takes on the characteristics of a serial killer. Another unique episode was done with a few 3-D segments. (Oddly enough, Pee Wee Herman inspired the creators to try the 3-D effect.) The DVD actually comes with 3-D glasses and the effect works pretty well on the small screen. This season also features a lighthearted cameo by Kelsey Grammer as the Angel of Death.

If you’re into supernatural dramas or if you liked “The Sixth Sense” or “Ghost Whisperer,” then “Medium” should be right up your alley. And I think women will especially identify with the working mother character of Allison.

The DVD set comes with a great selection of bonus features. Not only do you get the aforementioned 3-D episode and glasses, but there’s “The Story of ‘Medium,’ Season 2”. It’s a half hour featurette where the cast and crew talk about a number of the episodes. This is followed up by “Medium in Another Dimension” which details the making of the 3-D episode. “A Day in the Life of the DuBois Daughters” follows the young cast members around the set. Also included is an excerpt from a Q&A held at the Museum of Television & Radio. Rounding out the bonus features are a number of episode commentaries and a gag reel. Fans of “Medium” should be well pleased with this DVD.

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