seaQuest DSV – Season One


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Rating: Not Rated

Roy Scheider as Capt. Nathan Bridger
Stephanie Beacham as Dr. Kristin Westphalen
Stacy Haiduk as Lt. Cmdr. Katherine Hitchcock
Don Franklin as Cmdr. Jonathan Ford, Seaquest XO
Jonathan Brandis as Lucas Wolenczak
John D’Aquino as Benjamin Krieg
Royce D. Applegate as Chief Manilow Crocker, Security Chief
Ted Raimi as Lt. Tim O’Neill
Marco Sanchez as Sensor Chief Ortiz
Scott Coffey as Bobby
Eric DaRe as Maxwell
William Morgan Sheppard as The Professor (Hologram)
Rebecca Stanley as Aunt Jenny
Justine Shapiro as Cmdr. Williams
Michael Parks as George Le Chein
Richard Herd as Adm. Noyce
Clark Heathcliffe Brolly as Renegade Sensor Chief
Mark Fauser as Weapons Officer Phillips
John Schafer as Pollack
Brenda King as Carol Bridger

Special Features:
Deleted Scenes

Other Info:
Fullscreen (1.33:1)
Dolby Digital 2.0 Sound
Spanish Subtitles
Running Time: 18 Hours 16 Minutes

seaQuest DSV first aired in 1993. The following text is from the DVD cover:

“Travel to the spectacular undersea world of seaQuest DSV as all 23 groundbreaking episodes from the epic first season surface on DVD. The amazing adventure begins in the mid-21st century, as humankind expands its undersea colonization efforts and a tenuous world peace is enforced by the United Earth Oceans (UEO). In order to protect the fledgling underwater colonies from unknown dangers and hostile invaders lurking in the depths of Earth’s last frontier, the UEO recruits Captain Nathan Bridger (Roy Scheider) to command the high-tech battle submarine seaQuest and its diverse and eclectic crew. Along for the ride are a roster of stellar guest stars, including Charlton Heston, William Shatner, Seth Green, Kellie Martin and Kent McCord. Now on DVD for the first time ever, with exclusive never-before-seen footage, the Emmy® Award-winning seaQuest DSV is sure to make waves with thrill-seekers everywhere!”

seaQuest DSV – Season One is not rated.

I used to watch seaQuest DSV when it first aired back in 1993. The show had a fantastic pedigree. It was executive produced by Steven Spielberg. It boasted computer effects that were extensively used throughout the show. The pilot episode was directed by Irvin Kershner who directed The Empire Strikes Back. The concept of the show could even be best described as “Star Trek underwater”. Unfortunately, none of this could save it from the fact that it was awfully slow and at times quite cheesy. And aside from Roy Scheider, the cast wasn’t all that remarkable. They did feature a number of cool guest stars including Charlton Heston, William Shatner, Seth Green and Daniel Stern. However, this wasn’t enough to help it. And unfortunately the computer effects don’t hold up today. A kid on a PC could do equivalent work. I’d really only recommend this series to Star Trek fans and fans of the original series. Unfortunately, I think even they will be disappointed by the lack of bonus features on this DVD set. They only include deleted scenes, but there are 30 minutes of them.

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