Van Helsing & Dawn Top of the Crop


Universal Studios Homes Entertainment’s Dawn of the Dead sold more than 1 million combined DVD and VHS units across the country Tuesday, the video’s first day on store shelves, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The remake generated almost as much revenue as its $59 million domestic box office take earlier this year.

The top-selling home video in the week ended Oct. 24 was USHE’s Van Helsing, which sold more than 4 million combined DVD and VHS units, generating an estimated gross of about $65 million. The Hugh Jackman-starrer was the nation’s second-best rental title, generating an estimated $9.1 million during its first week.

Fox Home Entertainment’s Garfield: The Movie sold nearly 3 million combined DVD and VHS units during its first week in release, generating an estimated $50 million in retail and rental consumer spending.

The nation’s top rental title last week was Fox’s The Day After Tomorrow, which earned an estimated $9.1 million for a 12-day haul of $19.8 million. The film has sold more than 6 million combined DVD and VHS unit to retail and rental outlets.

Fahrenheit 9/11 dipping one place to third on Video Store magazine’s weekly rental chart, for a 19-day haul of $20.7 million.

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