Cho Thinks Khan Should be the Star Trek 2 Villain


John Cho was on-hand at the Star Trek DVD/Blu-ray release party and we talked to him about his new show “FlashForward.” Although he couldn’t say much, he did tell us a little about where he sees his character Demetri going.

“It’s going really great. We’re having a good time,” he said, adding, “It’s getting good from what I’m reading. I’m enjoying it, but it’s a little aggravating not knowing what the hell is going on too far ahead. We have a major revelation about who might be murdering Demetri in the next couple of episodes. I think his most important relationships are going to be put to the test.”

We also asked where he’d like his character, Sulu, to go in the next “Star Trek” film.

“This experience was very different for me as an actor because it was such an external thing for me. I’ve never done a big action sequence and never trained like that. It might be fun to go internal this time. I don’t know what that might be.”

As far as which villian he thinks should be brought back, Cho is leaning towards Khan.

“He is the baddest of them all in my opinion and the coolest hair cut. I’m ready to bring that cut back for my own self.”