Leonard Nimoy Talks Star Trek , Fringe


Leonard Nimoy recently said he feels the future of “Star Trek” no longer needs him, so when we talked to the actor at the Star Trek DVD/Blu-ray release party at the historic Griffith Observatory in LA, we asked him why.

“They have Zachary Quinto. I was useful to make the bridge between the original and the new and that’s done,” Nimoy said. “This cast of characters is in great shape. They’re a wonderful, talented bunch of people and the chemistry between them is appropriate. They’ve got it! They know how to do it. They’ve done it well in this movie and they’ll do it again well in the future movies. I think I served a purpose and I’m happy that I was in it.”

According to Nimoy, he’s not so sure he’ll be asked to come back for the next film.

“It’s not a question of whether I’d want to be [in the movie]. If I get a phone call I’ll answer the phone, but I’m not expecting that call to come.”

Although it’s unclear if he’ll appear in the upcoming films, Nimoy is enjoying working with J.J. Abrams on another project, Fox’s “Fringe.”

“The character of William Bell is described as a very wealthy and very intelligent and brilliant scientist,” Nimoy said. “It was great fun to stand in front of the camera and say, ‘I’m William Bell. Here I am.'” I enjoyed it. I committed to do three episodes. I have filmed the three – two of them have already aired. One will be on the air in the near future. We’ll see a little bit more of William Bell and after that there is no more committment.”