Joel Silver on Haunted Hill Sequel


Post-production has officially wrapped on Return to the House on Haunted Hill, according to PrimEdge, Inc. The sequel to 1999’s House on Haunted Hill (which was directed by William Malone) is now expected to make its debut on DVD this September from Warner Bros.’ Dark Castle Entertainment.

Newcomer Victor Garcia steps in at the helm this time with another ensemble cast including resident ‘House’ ghoul Jeffrey Combs who, we presume, will put the frightening on fellow co-stars Cerina Vincent (Cabin Fever), Erik Palladino (Dead & Breakfast), Andrew Pleavin (300) and Andrew Lee Potts (1408).

Producer Joel Silver tells that this follow-up was always geared for the direct-to-video market. “This is a good place to make a sequel for these films,” he tells us. “We have to look at these different distribution systems to utilize the material in different ways. Having a direct-to-video sequel in this case is a good idea and if this one works, then maybe I’ll make sequels to a lot of the [Dark Castle] films for direct-to-video.”

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