Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Clip from Tom Cruise’s Edge of Tomorrow


Possibly one of the most underrated (yet well-reviewed) action films of this past summer–a better than usual one for action films–was Doug Liman’s Edge of Tomorrow, starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt.

Adapted from the Japanese science fiction novel “All You Need is Kill” by Hiroshi Sakurazaka, Cruise plays Major William Cage, a high-ranking officer who gets involved in bureaucracy that gets him sent to the frontlines in the violent war between Earth and an invading alien force. He’s instantly killed within minutes of hitting the battleground only to rewake at the start of his day with the opportunity to relive the same day over and over in order to make things right. Helping him out is Emily Blunt’s Rita, a veteran soldier who has been fighting the aliens for years and has some insight into Cage’s dilemma.

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has provided ComingSoon.net with an exclusive behind-the-scenes clip from the DVD and Blu-ray release on Tuesday, October 7, which has Tom Cruise and director Doug Liman talking about his character’s journey and how it was affected by the film’s unique structure.

Edge of Tomorrow is available on Digital HD right now but you can own the DVD or Blu-ray on December 7, available through Amazon.com and other retailers.

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