Double Take’s Night of the Living Dead-Inspired Graphic Novels Now Available


Double Take Reveals Night of the Living Dead-Inspired Graphic Novels

Double Take’s Night of the Living Dead-inspired graphic novels now available

Last year, Double Take, the publishing arm of Take-Two Interactive Software, released their entire line of comics inspired by and sequelizing characters and the events of George A. Romero’s classic Night of the Living Dead. Now the collections for the universe have been released for the ultimate binge-reading experience, but with a twist – the entire line has been re-drawn, re-written, and re-ordered by the artist, writers, and editors.

Available now at local comic shops, bookstores, and online, each graphic novel retails for $9.99. 2T has also bundled the graphic novels into two distinct collections of five books each. The “Living Dead Revival” Binge Box features Rise, Slab, Medic, Soul, and Honor: stories that all follow favorite characters from the 1968 cult classic from their last dying breaths to their first zombie steps. While the “Superheroes Rising” Binge Box includes Dedication, Spring, Z-Men, Remote, and Home: fun, original stories featuring uncanny superheroes, Secret Service agents, and even a 51-foot tall woman. Each “Binge Box” retails for $40.00.

“We believe that Double Take is producing some of the best comic books in the industry,” said Michael Coast, senior Story Editor at 2T. “Our books appeal not just to hardcore comic book fans, but to readers who are new to graphic novels as well.”

You can check out the new cover art for the comics below.

Click on the image to see a bigger version!


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