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Editor’s Letter: A Welcome and Moving Forward

New Managing Editor Tyler Treese pens a letter for our readers.

Dear readers,

My name is Tyler Treese and I recently became the new Managing Editor at What does that change in leadership for the site mean? It means a new vision for our editorial team, fresh ideas and plenty of changes to come. However, there’s a lot to love about currently and that’s a major focus of this introduction.

When I look at the site, I see a strong news output paired with great interviews. You can expect that great coverage to stay a focus of going forward. I also want to hear from our readers about what they love about the site. I will make sure to read the comments of this post and can be contacted easily on Twitter with any feedback. While I have my own vision, which I’ll get into once we’re more ready to implement these changes as words are empty without actions backing them up, I am always happy to listen to readers and make sure they are being properly served.

After all, a site is nothing without its readers and I will never forget that. We serve you first and that will never change. While I’ll be digging deep into analytics to get a better understanding of the content you enjoy and crave more of, I also want to hear from you directly. What would you like to see more from in the future? Are there old columns or content types that you would like to see make a return or even something new entirely done? No matter your suggestion, I want to hear from you.

I also wanted to give everyone some background on myself. You may have seen my name on the internet before as I’ve written for a number of the most popular outlets in the world including GameSpot and Digital Trends. While I’ve primarily covered the video game industry in my career, I’ve most recently served as an editor at two of our sister sites, Sherdog and WrestleZone, where I covered mixed martial arts and professional wrestling. I’ve learned so much with every undertaking and years of freelancing, and I look forward to using this experience to make an even better destination for film, television and video game coverage.

Humbly yours,

Tyler Treese, Managing Editor of

P.S. I am the owner of a lovely Shiba Inu named Kota. Here is a picture of him.


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