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As its debut nears, more bits and pieces continue to be revealed about Star Trek: Discovery and its crew and storylines. More information is not a bad thing, but having all those bits scattered around the web can be. Piecing together the Star Trek news that has been confirmed, here’s what we know.

Time, Universe and Setting

The series takes place 10 years prior to the beginning of the original series. Discovery’s universe is the same as the original version and the Star Trek episodes and movies that followed. This should not be confused with the movies featuring Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto, which are set in an alternate reboot version.

Discovery features two starships in the initial episodes. They are the USS Shenzhou and the USS Discovery.

The Lead Characters and Crew

Unlike previous incarnations of the television show, the captain is not the lead protagonist. Lt. Commander Michael Burnham (played by Sonequa Martin-Green) is the Shenzhou’s First Officer. With an intriguing backstory, Burnham’s ongoing development as an officer and adult is one of the main themes of the series. Burnham was the first human child allowed to study at the Vulcan Academy of Sciences. Her parents died during a Klingon attack. Sarek of Vulcan felt responsible for Burnham. He and his human wife, Amanda, raised her as their ward and adopted daughter.

Michele Yeoh features as Captain Philippa Georgiou of the Shenzhou. Georgiou is a mentor to Burnham. Her crew includes her medical officer Dr. Nambue (portrayed by Maulik Pancholy) and junior officer Ensign Danby Connor (Sam Vartholomeos).

Captain Gabriel Lorca (Jason Isaacs) is the Discovery’s captain as the show opens. His science officer Saru (Doug Jones) is an alien Kelpian. Lt. Paul Stamets (Anthony Rapp) is a second science officer. He’s in a relationship with Dr. Hugh Culver (Wilson Cruz), one of the ship’s doctors. The crew also includes security officer Commander Landry (Rekha Sharma), Lt. Tyler (Shazad Latif) and Cadet Tilly (Mary Wiseman).


The Conflict and the Villain

The show introduces characters belonging to an ancient line of Klingons. The first season coincides with the opening salvos of the Federation-Klingon war.

Connections, Departures and Homages

Burnham is known as “Number One.” This is an homage to the original pilot’s executive officer. Writers have departed from following one of show creator Gene Roddenberry’s firm rules — no direct conflict between crew members.

Sarek (James Frain) has appeared in the show’s trailer. Producers have indicated that Amanda may also make an appearance in future episodes.

Star Trek writer and director Nicholas Meyer has been involved in the first scripts. Notes and designs from designers of the original show and movies have been consulted for continuity reasons.

There are no standalone Star Trek episodes. The producers and writers decided on a serialized approach. This will allow for richer character development and more complex storylines.

Availability and Access

Star Trek: Discovery will air exclusively on CBS All Access. It will be distributed worldwide by Netflix. The first episode will air on Sept. 24. A total of 15 episodes have been ordered.

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