5 Can’t-Miss Amazon Prime TV Shows


5 Can't-Miss Amazon Prime TV Shows

5 Can’t-Miss Amazon Prime TV Shows

The Amazon Prime TV selection is one of the many great perks of having an Amazon Prime membership. With an array of Amazon original series alongside classic shows and movies, you can stay limitlessly entertained. Amazon typically likes to push the envelope with shows that are more groundbreaking than what you’ll find on your usual prime-time lineup. This commitment to quality television makes Amazon Prime an undisputed innovator in the new Golden Age of Television. Here are just some of the best shows on Amazon Prime TV you shouldn’t be missing.

The Man in the High Castle on Amazon Prime TV


What if Germany and Japan had won World War II? That’s the scenario that’s addressed in the Amazon series The Man in the High Castle. In this gripping series, the eastern United States is under the control of a Nazi regime, and the West Coast is controlled by Japan. The story focuses on a group of dissenters who collect illegal news reels revealing how the world could have been if the Allied powers had won the war. The relentless drama will keep you in suspense from beginning to end.

Transparent on Amazon Prime TV


Transparent is an Amazon Prime TV show about an aging father who realizes that he’s a woman trapped in a man’s body. He makes the transition to womanhood while surrounded by his family. The show focuses not only on his transition but also on the effects that the decision has on every member of his family. The interactions within the family unit are funny and always heartfelt.

Goliath on Amazon Prime TV


While other Amazon Prime TV series strive to be unique, Goliath is more of a traditional thriller. It focuses on an alcoholic lawyer named Billy McBride who suddenly lands the case of his career. Much of the drama revolves around McBride’s interactions with his law partner and his ex-wife. The writing, direction and acting are all brilliant, and Billy Bob Thornton even won a Golden Globe for his spellbinding portrayal of McBride.

Catastrophe on Amazon Prime TV


This British sitcom is available only for streaming on Amazon. It’s a story about a couple named Rob and Sharon who get pregnant and decide to get married. Once they’ve taken their vows, the next trick is trying to fall in love. They bicker constantly and deal with a number of amusing conflicts that most couples can relate to. This Amazon Prime series is superbly acted, and Rob and Sharon have amazing chemistry on screen.

Patriot on Amazon Prime TV


Patriot is another unique, offbeat drama that fits perfectly in the Amazon Prime TV lineup. It deals with a CIA agent who’s forced to go undercover as a pipeline engineer. Just one problem: He knows absolutely nothing about pipelines or engineering. This show is funny and intense, and you can completely relate to the agent’s frustration as his mission becomes more and more complicated and dangerous.

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