The 10 Best Civil Rights Films

The 10 best civil rights films is looking back on the greatest civil rights films in movie history. Check out our picks in the gallery below.

As human beings, we have the rights to political and social equality and freedom. This is not a political stance—this is a human right, plain and simple. It’s outlined in the Bill of Rights, for starters, but it’s also something that should be considered common sense. No one deserves to be treated as “less than.” One of the best ways to convey this idea is through art. More specifically, through feature film.

Some filmmakers have made it their goal to focus on civil rights throughout their filmography—names like Spike Lee and Ava DuVernay come to mind immediately. This kind of dedication is inspiring, but these filmmakers were just as inspired by earlier films just as up-and-coming filmmakers are inspired by their work.