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Pokemon Anime Sees Return of Dawn & Her Piplup After 9-Year Hiatus

After almost an entire decade, the character Dawn and her Pokemon Piplup will be returning to the latest entry in the Pokemon anime series. A new trailer and visual have been revealed for the new arc.

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The upcoming “Summer Special Episodes” for the Pokemon Master Journeys: The Series will see Ash Ketchum and the gang head to the Sinnoh region. Megumi Toyoguchi will once again provide Dawn’s Japanese vocal track. She will be featured in the July 23 and 30 episodes of the series, marking the first time she has been in the anime since the “Black and White” arc nine years ago. It has not been announced if Emily Jenness will return for the English dub. You can check out the trailer and visual below.

Known as Pocket Monsters in Japan, Pokemon Journeys: The Series initially premiered in November 2019. It then came to the west via Netflix in June 2020 with the first 12 episodes. The streamer adds episodes quarterly. The next batch of episodes will be rebranded to Pokemon Master Journeys: The Series. There are currently 48 episodes available to stream right now.

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The Pokemon anime series has seen a lot of delays due to the pandemic. Pokemon Journeys: The Series delayed its slate in April 2020, but eventually resumed airing new episodes in June 2020. The 23rd film based on the popular franchise titled Pocket Monster Koko also received a delay last year. It is scheduled to come to the west as Pokemon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle sometime this year.

Pokemon anime


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