Live Blogging the 71st Annual Golden Globes


Tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern, 5 p.m. Pacific, NBC will be airing the 71st Annual Golden Globes and in what has become a semi-annual tradition,’s Weekend Warrior will be watching and sharing his thoughts in the space below.

Feel free to follow along, refreshing your browser regularly and post your own thoughts in the comments below, although bear in mind that once the show starts, I won’t be able to answer any direct questions.

You can also see the winners after they’re announced over on the main Golden Globe Award page.

10:59 And that’s it for me for tonight but you can find some of the winner’s speeches and thank you’s over on NBC’s YouTube channel so go ahead and check them out if you weren’t able to watch them live. Thank you for tuning in and let me know how you thought I did in the comments below.
Also check out all the winners here.

10:57 And 12 Years a Slave ends up pulling out a SINGLE WIN for the night in the most important category, so it certainly seems like Oscar night will be between 12 Years a Slave and American Hustle for Best Picture with Gravity a possible third (with Alfonso Cuaron winning for director that night).

10:56 Of course it wouldn’t be a Golden Globes without Johnny Depp! And he’s out there to present the biggest award of the night.

10:55 And Best Picture – Drama is the very last award of the night…and then it’s all over and I’m done for the night.

10:52 But so far, Steve McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave has been completely snubbed for every category despite going into the Golden Globes with an equal amount of nominations as American Hustle. If it doesn’t win Best Picture Drama, its chances on Oscar night are pretty much doomed although I expect it to win a few Critics Choice Awards later this week (BFCAs announce on Thursday, January 16). The Lupita snub was a pretty big surprise and the fact that Chiwetel did’t win even though he had two nominations (but so did Julia Louis-Dreyfuss).

10:51 Great speech by McConaughey, which will definitely help him move to the top of ranks of frontrunners because SAG, BFCA and the Academy will love to get him back on stage to see if he can keep up with the great speeches.

10:49 YES!!! Huge applause for Matthew McConaughey! He really deserves the win for his role in Dallas Buyers Club–it really was an amazing performance even when you don’t count the weight loss. He’s had such a good year but it was his role as Ron Woodroof that really made me pay attention to McConaughey this year. It was a great year for acting performances and anyone that was nominated could have won it but I’m so glad MM is finally being recognized. He thanks his Mom and wife.

10:48 Funny joke about Tom and Michael from Sony Pictures Classics plying her with vodka. Next up is last year’s winner Jesssica Chastain presenting the male counterpart–Actor in a Film Drama… this has to go to Redford or McConaughey.

10:45 And the Golden Globe goes to Cate Blanchett of course… she’s probably well on her way to winning her second award on Oscar night, which probably can’t be said for Amy Adams or any of the other nominees at the Golden Globes. She’s also saying how great a year it’s been for roles for women… so many actors in the audience who have worked with Blanchett as well so there’s a lot of love for her in the room.

10:44 And now Leonardo DiCaprio is back out to present Actress in a Motion Picture Drama which the odds-on favorite is Cate Blanchett in Blue Jasmine.

10:43 Only a few awards left including the three Film Drama categories which really could go anyway at this point.

10:39 What’s funny is that if you asked me a year ago, I thought that the Coens’ Inside LLewyn Davis would be a much bigger player at the Golden Globes but it’s just too strange and odd a movie, too dark and quirky. I just never saw the HFPA going for it, and the Academy may feel the same.

10:37 Here’s Drew Barrymore to present Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy… which I’m pretty sure American Hustle is going to win. Walter Mitty should have at least been nominated. Yes, indeed… American Hustle indeed did win the honor with legendary producer Chuck Roven accepting as well bringing up most of the cast. Definitely helps give it a push at the Oscars although Russell looks sad that he didn’t get Screenplay or Director. Don’t fret, David… Oscar night is not tonight. You will win something on the more important night.

10:35 Chris Hemsworth and the legendary Niki Lauda presenting one of my favorite movies of the year, Ron Howard’s Rush, which I doubt will win but I’m glad it got nominated.

10:33 I think Amy Adams and Leonardo DiCaprio got the biggest spikes with their wins tonight but again, Oscar ballots are already in so it’s not like they can be added after the deadline has passed. We’ll just have to see how they do at the SAGs and Critics Choice Awards (and I’m not even sure they’re both nominated).

10:29 Such a great speech from Leo but since Oscar ballots are already in is it too late for him to receive an Oscar nomination? Reese Witherspoon is up next. She is presenting footage from Steve McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave and telling the story of the film’s hero Simon Northup.

10:26 Jennifer Lawrence is presenting for Actor in a Comedy/Musical.. will Christian Bale make it an American Hustle sweep? Nope, it goes to Leonardo DiCaprio for The Wolf of Wall Street, but again, not too surprising since the Hollywood Foreign Press tends to go with the biggest names whenever they can. But he thanked his fellow “comedians” Christian Bale, Joaquin Phoenix and Oscar Isaac, giving a special shout-out to Bruce Dern.

10:26 Perfect timing for a new promo for Alfonso Cuaron’s new NBC drama “Believe” which he did with JJ Abrams.

10:24 According to my count, there are only five Golden Globes left to give out… I may need to take a bathroom break if they do a big In Memorium presentation.

10:22 So that’s two wins for “Brooklyn 99” and two wins for “Breaking Bad” in the TV categories.

10:19 Tina Fey making a Michael Bay teleprompter joke as she presents Chris Evans and Uma Thurman who are giving the award for Best Comedy/Musical Television. No idea which way this one might go… but it goes to Andy Samberg’s new show “Brooklyn 99”!!! Wow, that’s quite an upset but also quite a boost for one of Fox’s newest shows (not that it helped “Arrested Development” back when it won.)

10:17 Lots of cheers for all the nominees but will it go to McQueen or Cuaron? And it went to Alfonso Cuaron!!!! He won!! He deserved to win and he won… so will 12 Years a Slave be the biggest Golden Globe snub of the night if Gravity also wins Best Picture Drama? He thanks his main collaborator Sandra Bullock for not quitting when he said he was going to give her “herpes” when he meant to say he was going to give her an “EARPIECE”… very funny.

10:16 Next up is Ben Affleck to present Best Director, having won last year for Argo.

10:15 Liam Neeson from the motion picture Non-Stop is out to present the next Film Drama, which is Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity… would love to see it win over 12 Years a Slave… that would be an upset I could approve.

10:14 Oh that’s right… Amy Adams already took Actress in a Comedy/Musical, so that one’s out of the way.

10:13 And an ironic commercial for the DVD release of Lee Daniels’ The Butler which wasn’t nominated for anything this year, at least in terms of Golden Globes.

10:12 Not too many awards left but a few big ones including Actor/Actress in a Drama and Comedy/Musical as well as the film categories in both genres.

10:08 I hope that Keaton’s tribute to Woody will appear online soon because it’s quite fantastic.

10:06 And now Diane Keaton, the star of some of Woody’s greatest films including Woody Allen is out there to talk about the amazing women that Woody has written over his decades of filmmaking from Annie Hall right up to Blue Jasmine.

10:05 It’s a shame that Woody Allen isn’t there, because man, he is indeed one of the greatest filmmakers of the past 50 years, right up there with Scorsese. I really need to do a Woody Allen marathon one of these days. I’m sure I’ve missed a few of his movies over the years, but not many.

10:02 Tina and Amy are back to announce the next presenter, Emma Stone! She’s presenting the Cecil B. Demille award to Woody Allen who won’t be present but Stone appears in his next movie Magic in the Moonlight. They’re showing some great footage from Allen’s seminal filmography.

9:59 And another commercial for Jason Reitman’s Labor Day which I’d really like to watch again before I review.

9:58 Here is Jacqueline Bisset’s unforgettable acceptance speech!

9:56 Amy Poehler just won Actress in a Comedy/Musical for “Parks and Recreation” and they cut to her making out with Bono in the audience! LOL! that was very funny… but they’r really cruising through the categories now. I didn’t even catch who presented the award cause it went by so fast.

9:54 Oddly, actor Colin Farrell is presenting the footage for the Coen Brothers’ Inside Llewyn Davis even though he has nothing to do with the movie… at least he doesn’t have a martini in hand ala Emma Thompson.

9:52 Chris Pine and Emma Watson are presenting next for Best Animated Feature which should go to Frozen barring a huge upset. And yes indeed, Frozen won for Animated Feature and the award is being accepted by the film’s two co-directors.

9:49 Here’s the first half of Amy and Tina’s monologue I mentioned earlier…. second half will follow:

And here’s the second half of their monologue:

9:48 Michael Douglas has some great anecdotes about being asked to play Liberace by Steven Soderbergh while making Traffic and joking to his costar and fellow nominee that the only reason he won is that he wore more sequins in the movie.

9:47 Going to try to post some videos soon…

9:44 Melissa McCarthy is really playing up the joke but they’re presenting Actor in a TV movie or mini-series, not a comedy category. I’m guessing that Michael Douglas will win this for playing Liberace in “Behind the Candelabra” and yes, he did! This is his fourth Golden Globe win of his career, having previously won for Wall Street and One Flew Over Cuckoo’s Nest.

9:43 “Well, well, look who slithered back over to the TV section.. you’re a real phony, Julia Louis-Dreyfuss.” Jimmy Fallon and Melissa McCarthy are now presenting another TV award, probably Actress in a Comedy/Musical… they’re doing a bit where McCarthy got hit in the head with a sandbag and now thinks she’s Matt Damon.

9:41 Now it’s the Best Foreign Language Film.. which could go to Blue is the Warmest Color or The Wind Rises or anything… but the Golden Globe goes to The Great Beauty, the ONE movie nominated this year that I haven’t had a chance to watch.. sigh.

9:34 No way!!! Andy Samberg wins with his first nominations for “Brooklyn 99″…another huge upset in the television category as he won over two clear favorites. “Oh no! I didn’t prepare anything… it wasn’t going to happen!” Samberg is giving a very high pitched screechy thank you speech… unfortunately i have only seen one episode of the show cause it’s up against “Agents of SHIELD”… but I guess it must be a funny show.

9:33 Jullie Bowen and Seth Meyers probably presenting one of the television nominations, joking that neither of them have ever received a Golden Globe nomination. They’re presenting Best Actor in a Comedy/Musical television which I hope goes to Jason Bateman but probably will go to Jim Parsons from “Big Bang Theory.”

9:31 Laura Dern has come out to present the next Comedy/Musical Nebraska, having starred in Alexander Payne’s movie Citizen Ruth but also being the daughter of the Oscar-nominated Bruce Dern who is getting so much buzz for his performance in Payne’s latest. Such a great choice for presenter and it makes more sense than Jim Carrey for American Hustle.

9:30 The funny thing is that Spike Jonze appeared in David O. Russell’s movie Three Kings and they clearly know each other. Russell is going to be upset if he goes another year without winning an Oscar while his cast wins everything, I’m telling you right now.

9:29 Wow! Spike Jonze won for “Her”… that’s another huge upset and it gives the screenplay a big push both at the WGA Awards and for the Oscars! And I wasn’t even a fan of the movie!

9:27 Emma Thompson is now coming out to present with shoes in one hand and martini the other and she’s presenting the nominees for Best Screenplay. This should go to American Hustle. “Where’s the envelope?” I think she’s acting drunk…

9:27 Another commercial for Winter’s Tale.. i’m intrigued.

9:25 We’re almost halfway through the show and we still have a lot of big categories both in film and television. I think Lead Actress and Lead Actor in a Drama are going to be the most interesting categories, as well as Director, which I hope goes to Alfonso Cuaron, but I’m worried might go to David O. Russell. So far, the other favorite 12 Years a Slave has been completely shut out of everything, which can’t make Fox Searchlight happy.

9:22 He is clearing up that he didn’t use any prosthetics to enhance his performance and that he ended up shaving his entire body for the role of the cross-dressing Rayon. He’s talking about how he didn’t make a movie for six years before Dallas Buyers Club… here’s hoping Matthew McConaughey can make it a two-fer for what’s a really fascinating movie.

9:20 Christoph Waltz, star of “Big Eyes,” has come out to present Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture which he previously won for Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds. Gotta be Jared Leto, right? And it does!!! Okay, finally got one right in my non-existent office pool! A well-deserved win!

9:19 Jim Carrey is there to present something. “Dying is easy, comedy is hard”… I believe it was Shia LaBeouf who said that… “So young, so wise.” He’s presenting the next nominee for Comedy/Musical which is American Hustle… and as I said that’s the favorite to win the category this weekend.

9:17 but the winner is Robin Wright for Netflix’s House of Cards… she’s a solid actress so I’m sure it’s well-deserved… I just haven’t gotten around to watching it yet. She doesn’t hav a speech prepared because she didn’t expect to win. She called the Hollywood Foreign Press a “gaggle of characters” and she’s thanking David Fincher and Kevin Spacey and Netflix. A great win for the fledgling internet network.

9:16 They’re also presenting Best Actress in a TV series drama… Taylor Schilling got a lot of applause as did Kerry Washington. No idea who’d win this as I watch none of these shows.

9:16 Next up is Kevin Bacon and his wife presenting their daughter Miss Golden Globe but Tina and Amy are turning it into a bit with Tina Fey presenting her teen son Randy.. i.e. Amy Poehler. Those two are so funny… I wish they’d do another movie together.

9:11 So for those keeping track, American Hustle has won two Golden Globes and both of the musical categories have been shocking wins over much more favored nominees.

9:10 I’m wondering if now Amy Adams has a better chance of getting an Oscar nomination over Meryl Streep who many thought was one of the favorites in this category. August: Osage County is not having a good awards season even though it had a decent theatrical expansion this weekend, grossing more than $7 million in less than a thousand theaters.

9:07 As I said earlier, i hope Julia Louis-Dreyfus wins…. but nope, it’s Amy Adams who I absolutely love! And this is the second award win for David O. Russell’s American Hustle and I’m sure it won’t be its last. Probably a shoe-in for screenplay and Best Comedy/Musical as well.

9:06 Robert Downey Jr. just showed up to present something.. “No matter whose name is called when I open this envelope, I’m still a winner.” He’s presenting to Best Actress for a Comedy/Musical. “Let’s see how this plays out for me.”

9:05 Next up is (must add–the BEAUTIFUL) Olivia Wilde who looks amazing as she’s presenting for the next Motion Picture Comedy/Musical, Spike Jonze’s Her… that’s a comedy??!?

9:03 Nope, it’s Jon Voight and the category is Best Performance by an Actor in a Series, Mini-Series…he won for ShoTime’s “Ray Donovan” which I’ve never had a chance to watch. not sure how this is different from Actor in a Drama though. I’m very confused by the television categories to be honest. They make little sense to me.

9:02 Missed who is presenting but it’s for Best Supporting Actor in a TV series or mini-series, probably none of which I’ve watched. Probably going to Aaron Paul.

9:00 People complain about the length of awards shows but I’m enjoying the breaks…

8:54 Shocker! “Let it Go” from Frozen didn’t win! It’s going to U2 for their song “Ordinary Love” from Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom instead and the entire band is on stage to accept, once again saying that they’ve been working for Mandela since the ’70s ever since they did their first concert for South Africa 35 years ago. They also thanks Chris Martin from Coldplay who also had his own song “Atlas” nominated in the same category.

8:53 Next up is Best Original Song… I really hope “Please Mr. Kennedy” is going to win but I have a feeling it will go to “Let it Go” from Frozen cause everyone loves that movie/song. Just don’t give it to Taylor Swift or I’m going to start swearing and you’ll have to bleep me.

8:52 OMG! Alex Ebert used to be the lead singer of one of my favorite bands, IMA ROBOT and he also sings with Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros… how did I not know this?!?!?

8:50 And Best Score goes to… Alex Ebert for “All is Lost”…. WOW! I doubt anyone saw THAT one coming… it’s his first nomination and win. I believe that was one of the few scores I didn’t receive on CD this season.

8:49 Next up is Kate Beckinsale, Usher Raymond and Sean Combs to present the musical score categories… what an odd line-up of presenters. I hope Gravity wins the one. Steven Price’s score is amazing!

8:49 Steve Coogan is on stage with the real Philomena Lee to present the next nomination in the drama category, Philomena! (It’s such a funny movie so it’s also one of the movies that’s questionably a drama.)

8:46 TV Spot for Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit… still looking forward to seeing it.

8:45 Things are going to explode when they get to Best Foreign Language Film cause I’m not sure how many have seen any of the nominees. I think I’ve seen three or four of them.

8:43 Aaron Paul comes up to the microphone and goes “Yeah, bitch!” pumping the award and doesn’t get bleeped.

8:41 Nominees for TV Series, Drama, which should also go to Breaking Bad. Yes indeed, they won again! Also well deserved… looks like most of the cast have gone up but Vince Gilligan is doing the talking.

8:39 Let’s see how he does on his speech but I love Cranston and he’s always rather eloquent whenever faced with press and/or awards so he should do just fine.

8:38 And the Golden Globe indeed goes to Bryan Cranston for “Breaking Bad”…so well deserved and its only his first win after four previous nominations… kind of a crime!

8:37 Next up is Aaron Eckhart and Paula Patton presenting Actor in a TV Drama which should go to Bryan Cranston for “Breaking Bad,” right? It’s too easy.

8:35 Jonah Hill and Margot Robbie from Wolf of Wall Street are presenting but they put the wrong thing on the teleprompter… surprised Jonah Hill didn’t pull a Michael Bay and storm off. They’re presenting footage from Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street.

8:33 And we’re back! with Amy and Tina! Are they going to make fun of the Hollywood Foreign Press now? Or just the funny foreign names and their outlets. Introducing the President of the Hollywood Foreign Press to talk about something… Unfortunately I already took my bathroom break.

8:28 Matt Damon presenting next. “It’s me, the garbage man”.. who didn’t bring his glasses. He’s there to introduce Paul Greengrass’ Captain Phillips… going to take a quick break, be right back.

8:26 And she gets immediately bleeped… OOPS!

8:25 Best Actress in a TV movie or mini-series goes to….Elisabeth Moss for “Top of the Lake”.. nice! It’s her first Golden Globe win having been nominated presumably for “Mad Men” the first time.

8:23 I haven’t seen any of them but the Golden Globe goes to HBO’s Behind the Candelabra. Accepting the award is Jerry Weintraub and other producers I guess? (I’m really not sure why I haven’t watched this yet as I love Soderbergh and the cast.. I’ll get to it soon.)

8:22 Naomi Watts and Mark Ruffalo now presenting something for television movie or mini-series.

8:21 Going back to the Jennifer Lawrence win, you have to remember that this is the HFPA i.e. international journalists who will go for the most popular actor/choice rather than the best performance. I could definitely see SAG and the Academy still going for Lupita Nyong’o. My own group? The BFCA? Who knows?

8:17 And she’s about to be played off but she first got bleeped by the censors… alright Jackie!!

8:15 Bisset seems speechless but she’s talking about how she was nominated decades ago by the Hollywood Foreign Press as most talented newcomer and the fact she’s been nominated four times since then but never won. She’s getting very teary-eyed.

8:13 Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis presenting the Supporting Actress for television and it goes to Jacqueline Bisset for “Dancing on the Edge” which I’ve never seen.

8:13 Wow, that’s quite an upset but Jennifer Lawrence just beat the favorite Lupita Nyong’o to win her second Golden Globe in a row, having won in the Lead Actress Comedy last year for David O. Russell’s Silver Linings Playbook.

8:11 First award of the night is being presented by Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock and it’s Best Supporting Actress. This should go to Lupita but Jennifer Lawrence got big applause.

8:10 Another Barkhad Abdi joke….man, I love that guy’s performance and I’m glad to see he’s getting the attention.

8:09 Fey and Poehler are really nailing it. I hope this whole monologue intro goes up on YouTube soon because it’s very funny… my Mom is laughing her ass off.

8:07 Joke about Matthew McConaughey losing weight for his role in Dallas Buyers Club… something “every actress has to do while making a movie.” Also a joke about Jonah Hill using a prosthetic penis for his role in The Wolf of Wall Street. “If I wanted to watch Jonah Hill masturbating at a pool party I would go to one of Jonah Hill’s pool parties.”

8:06 Nice joke about Gravity and George Clooney rather being blasted into space rather than dating someone his own age as well as a shout-out to Captain Phillips’ Barkad Abdi and his past as a limo driver.

8:05 Another Scorsese joke, referencing Woody Allen’s award that’s given to short guys with glasses–Scorsese was given the award a few years back.

8:04 Amy asked to get a shot of Amy Poehler in the audience so they showed Jennifer Lawrence. They’re making fun of the fact that Julia Louis-Dreyfus is sitting in the film section rather than the television section.

8:03 “No offense, Matt Damon. Normally you’d be a big deal but tonight, you’re a garbage person.” They’re having fun with Meryl Streep, Martin Scorsese and Bradley Cooper as well. Apparently the original title for “American Hustle” was “Explosion at the Wig Factory.”

8:02 Amy Poehler deliberately screwed up the pronouncing of Tom Hanks name… they’re talking about all the stars in the audience.

8:01 Tina Fey and Amy Pohler look great… let’s see how they do with their monologue this year. They’ve already made a reference to Lee Daniels’ Butler (not nominated for anything?) and the gay men watching at home.

8:00 Ten second countdown to the show and I’m over on NBC to watch it!

7:59 Almost time to kick off the show!!

7:54 I’m watching with my 80 year old Mom and she’s hating everything she’s seeing… or maybe she’s just annoyed that I’m not letting her watch “The Bachelor”… yeah that’s probably it.

7:52 Some of you may wonder why a heterosexual male would care about the red carpet but there are SO MANY beautiful women walking the red carpet and talking to Ryan Seacrest that I’m shocked more guys don’t watch the red carpet for that reason alone.

(Hmm… not sure what happened to everything below this, I guess it’s gone into the ether.)