The Oscar Warrior: Bring on the ‘Bad Guys’!


It’s been a while since we’ve written about the Oscar race, but as awards season is about to kick off for real with a number of critics groups voting, we’re going to start looking at some of the interesting trends from the past few years and how they apply to this season’s Oscar race. We’re going to start with the supporting actor race and one of the more interesting trends surrounding it is that the Academy seemingly LOVES their bad guys and creating a good villain often leads to a nomination in the supporting actor category.

Of course, whether someone is good or bad is somewhat subjective and some of the best performances have been given by actors who could straddle that line where they do evil things but the audience still ends up loving them.

We’re going to try something a little different this time, so check out the gallery below for a look at some of the actors and performances that have won Oscars following that pattern as well as a few of this year’s performances that follow suit. Scroll over the pictures to read our thoughts on why they won or will get nominated. (Please let us know how you feel about this format as well.)