Ophira Eisenberg to Screw Everyone in Movie Adaptation


Your first question to that headline may be “Who is Ophira Eisenberg?” and your second question may be “Where do I get in line?”

Well, hold your jets, because that title actual refers to exciting news for a personal friend of the Weekend Warrior’s and the wife of one of my best friends, whose career as a stand-up comic has exploded in recent years before taking over the hosting duties at National Public Radio and WNYC’s popular trivia show “Ask Me Another.” All of this led up to the release of her comic memoir “Screw Everyone: How I Slept My Way to Monogamy,” the latter which has really taken off and now Zucker Productions has acquired the feature rights to turn it into a movie.

In the book, Eisenberg talks about her decade and a half lifestyle of one night stands, meeting and sleeping with many guys and enjoying casual sex until finally settling down with one guy and enjoying the stability of a monogamous relationship. All of it is recounted in a humorous style going back to her time in Calgary, Canada and her first kiss.

Having found and read the book while producing a Hallmark Channel TV show, of all things, producer Janet Zucker told Variety that Eisenberg has been meeting with writers to adapt the edgy book.

The eclectic producer of the romantic comedy Friends with Benefits, the political thriller Fair Game and P.J. Hogan’s Mental had this to say about her reasons for optioning Eisenberg’s memoir: “I think Ophira is really funny and her book says a lot about how women are dealing with relationships now.

This writer has been a huge fan of Ms. Eisenberg’s ever since he saw her perform at her weekly comedy show “Sweet Paprika” many years ago along with my best friend Jonathan Baylis, who would become the future husband that set her down the path of monogamy oddly enough. (Not to be a stickler, but I may have even been the last person who went out on a “date” with Ms. Eisenberg before she started seeing Jonathan and they eventually got engaged and married. I don’t think that date was exciting enough to make it into the book but maybe dating a boring movie writer was what convinced Eisenberg to change her ways, at least that’s my theory and I’m sticking to it!)

Either way, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that Eisenberg is extremely funny, her book is a hoot regardless of your gender, and it’s going to make an incredibly memorable movie if and when it gets made.