Exclusive: R.J. Mitte Talks Breaking Bad


ComingSoon.net got a chance to chat with “Breaking Bad” star R.J. Mitte on the red carpet at the Saturn Awards in Burbank where he gave us a tease about the new season.

Considering how last season ended, topping it is going to be a tough job. Mitte says, “It’s going to blow everyone away. Vince (Gilligan) and the writers have so much going on. It’s kind of scary to realize what comes out of their minds. And they have wives and families and I’m shocked that they haven’t turned crazy with the content that they’re churning out. It’s amazing to see these people just go. Especially Vince. He’s such a sweet guy and you wouldn’t believe how dark his mind goes!”

Mitte teased about what’s going to shock us. “Heisenberg gets badder! Yes! It’s going to be good. He gets closer to the family. There is so much going on. We cram so much into this eight episodes. Have you seen the last two episodes? It just goes down from there. I’m just ready for the next eight. It’s going to be awesome!’

Have you guys been blown away so far? Let us know below.

(Photo Credit: Nikki Nelson / WENN.com)