The CW to Turn Battle Royale Into a TV Series?


The Los Angeles Times was tipped off by a source who informed the paper that The CW is having discussions with the Hollywood rights holders of Battle Royale to potentially turn the property into a television series.

The cult classic that – for quite some time – was considered as something that was never going to be released on U.S. soil. Then, Anchor Bay released an awesome DVD/Blu-ray collection earlier this year – just in time for the debut of The Hunger Games, too (which you could arguably say was inspired by Koushun Takami’s novel and the screen adaptation that followed).

A U.S. remake was being kicked around by Neal Moritz and Roy Lee, but the project stalled.

The L.A. Times‘ piece says The CW’s talks are preliminary and there is no deal in place. Apparently, Takami needs to have a say on the matter as well.

Do to want see some school kids kill each other on the small screen? Naturally, the violence will be significantly neutered…