Wiseguy Reboot Headed to NBC


NBC has plans to breathe new life into “Wiseguy,” Deadline reports. The network will reboot the 1987 series with the help of “Homeland” writer Alex Cary.

The original series, which ran for four seasons, told the story of Vinnie Terranova, an undercover FBI agent investigating organized crime. At the head of the series, he enters into an 18-month prison sentence in an attempt to establish connections with the criminal underworld.

The new show will update the plot to a contemporary setting and it is suggested that the lead’s criminal digressions may not be a part of the undercover act this time around.

Created by Stephen J. Cannell, the original show starred Ken Wahl for the first three seasons, though he was replaced by Jonathan Banks as a new character for season four. When the cast returned for a television reunion film in 1996, the event of the final season were ignored and Wahl remained as the lead.