Source Code Heads to Television


Source Code, Duncan Jones’ follow-up to his feature debut, Moon, is headed to television.

The Hollywood Reporter brings word that CBS has Mark Gordon set to develop and “LOST” writer Steve Maeda attached to write an episodic version of the story which, in the film, allowed a military soldier (played by Jake Gyllenhaal) to repeatedly relive eight minutes of the recent past in the body of another in the hopes of gleaning details that could prevent a future tragedy. The television version is said to focus around three former federal agents who each participate in the “Source Code” program.

Unfortunately for fans of the film, Jones is not currently involved with the project in any capacity and, in fact, only learned of the television plans after The Hollywood Reporter article was published.

“For those asking, I know not a sausage about the ‘Source Code’ TV show,” he tweeted earlier today. “First time I heard about it was about 20 minutes ago… on twitter!”

Interestingly enough, Jones used the film version of Source Code to pay homage to a similarly-themed television series, “Quantum Leap.” You can listen to him talk about a special cameo and inside joke in an exclusive interview with by clicking here.