Eric Balfour in SCI FI’s Gargoyle


The Hollywood Reporter says Eric Balfour will star in “Rise of the Gargoyle,” a two-hour telefilm that will air on SCI FI Channel.

The project centers on an ancient gargoyle monster whose terror is unleashed in modern-day Paris.

Balfour (“24”) stars as Jack Richmond, a struggling author whose outlandish theories on pagan architecture make him the laughingstock of the academic world. But when Jack finds himself face to face in a demolished church with a live version of the stone gargoyles he’s devoted his life to studying, no one believes his story.

“Gargoyle” co-stars Caroline Neron, Jason Salinger, Nick Mancuso and Tanya Clarke. The Bill Corcoran-directed movie, said to be full of CGI and special effects, is shooting through month’s end in Romania.