The Trailer for A&E’s Andromeda Strain


A&E has launched the official website with the new trailer for “The Andromeda Strain,” a four-hour miniseries from executive producers Ridley Scott, Tony Scott, David W. Zucker and Tom Thayer. Directed by two-time Academy Award nominee Mikael Saloman (Backdraft, The Abyss), the script is written by Pulitzer Prize winner Robert Schenkkan (The Quiet American) and based on Michael Crichton’s best-selling debut novel.

In the story, a deadly bacteria code named The Andromeda Strain is let loose after a U.S. government satellite crash-lands in Utah. The bacteria unleashes a lethal plague that wipes out an entire town leaving only two survivors – an old man and an infant to provide clues to immunizing the population. As the military tries to contain the spreading disaster, only a hastily assembled team of scientists can hope to find a cure and stop the Andromeda Strain from spreading.

Benjamin Bratt, Rick Schroder, Eric McCormack, Christa Miller, Andre Braugher, Daniel Dae Kim, Viola Davis and Ted Whittall star. The miniseries premieres this spring.