Bruce Campbell on a ‘Feisty’ Ash vs. Evil Dead


ash vs. evil dead

Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell and Rob Tapert are currently concocting a long-desired continuation of Evil Dead. The 10-episode series Ash vs. Evil Dead will premiere on Starz later this year in the form of a half-hour horror comedy filled with an older Ash and relentless deadites. Fandom is positively stoked. Of course then any interview with the veteran cult icon and Evil Dead star will touch on the upcoming sequel series. The latest: a plot detailed, and Campbell on Ash’s current conditions. 

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Dread Central spoke with Campbell, while also revealing a bit of a fleshed out synopsis of the pilot. Previous official word described the show as an Ash forced to face his demons, and a new plague of deadites. Dread’s Sean Decker expands, “Having had a chance to read an early version of the pilot episode last year, I can concur. In it we are introduced to a nomadic Ash, a figure who’s not only haunted by traumatic memories but also terrorized by the unwelcome continuance of Deadite attacks, which have followed him to the myriad Midwestern trailer parks he’s been forced to call home. In an effort to eke out an existence and in keeping with his previous choice of career, the character spends his days working at Ted’s Superclub as a stock room trainee and, in true Ash fashion, his evenings chasing skirt in roadside bars.”

Speaking to this nomadic Ash, Campbell says, “I’m bringing everything to the table. It’s a feisty version of Ash, who’s grizzled and just wants to be left alone.”

We know he won’t be, however. Recently, Dana DeLorezno and Ray Santiago were announced as joining the Ash vs. Evil Dead ensemble as Kelly and Pablo. “Santiago will play the role of Pablo Simon Bolivar, an idealistic immigrant who becomes Ash’s loyal sidekick and believes in Ash’s heroism even if Ash himself doesn’t.  DeLorenzo will play Kelly Maxwell, a moody wild child trying to outrun her past and who is reluctantly dragged into the fight against Evil with Ash and Pablo. Kelly finds a different kind of family with her fellow Deadite slayers.”

Their presence, Campbell says, speaks to a larger plan, revealing the hope for five seasons— possibly more new Evil Dead than we could’ve hoped for. Sam Raimi is directing the Ash vs. Evil Dead pilot.