Matthew Fox Talks Lost


Entertainment Weekly has published an extensive interview with Matthew Fox about playing Jack in the fourth season of ABC’s hit series “Lost,” returning Thursday, January 31 (9:00 p.m. ET). Here’s just a small clip from the big interview:

Jack gets people off that island, [and] suddenly he and the other people are very well-known — it becomes this massive story because everybody thought that every person on this plane was lost…. Who are they? What is everybody else doing? Jack’s mission was to get all of them off. It’s the overriding force behind him. So, the fact that he ends up getting off and doesn’t get that accomplished — I’m very curious to find out how that all goes down. And part of that is going to be part of the reason why he wanted to jump off the bridge in the future…. If I start giving you words about what I think it’s really about, I’m going to be honing in on some stuff that I’m not sure I’m authorized to talk about. A truck might pull up and a bunch of dudes in suits get out and mow us down with Uzis. [Laughs] Seriously.

Check out the full interview here!