McCormack and Cavanagh Tell Truth in Advertising


TNT has cast Eric McCormack (“Will & Grace”) and Tom Cavanagh (“Ed”) for its two lead roles in the pilot of ad-world drama “Truth in Advertising,” reports Variety.

“Truth” centers on a powerful agency in contemporary Chicago. McCormack will play Mason McGuire, an executive who is better at the corporate side of the biz but is unexpectedly promoted to creative director.

Cavanagh is cast as Conner, described as McGuire’s more emotional and creative counterpart.

The show aims to create “commercials-within-the-show” that would fit with the narrative but also offer opportunities for a new kind of product placement.

Shephard/Robin is producing “Truth” for Warner Horizon, with Michael Robin directing the pilot. “Closer” veterans Hunt Baldwin and John Covenyare are attached to write.