Geico’s Cavemen Getting a Comedy Series


ABC has turned the series of quirky Geico commercials featuring caveman characters into an actual half-hour comedy project, reports Variety.

“Cavemen” will revolve around three pre-historic men who must battle prejudice as they attempt to live as normal thirtysomethings in modern Atlanta.

The project, from ABC TV Studio, is written by Joe Lawson, an advertising copywriter who was behind the “Caveman” ads — as well as other Geico commercials like the cockney-speaking Geico gecko.

Daniel Rappaport, Guymon Cassady, Will Speck and Josh Gordon are executive producers. Speck and Gordon, commercial directors who recently helmed the Will Farrell feature Blades of Glory, are on board to also direct.

Jeff Daniel Phillips and Ben Weber play the cavemen in the Geico spots; no word if they’ll make the transformation to the TV project.