Cannavale is in the M.O.N.Y.


Emmy winner Bobby Cannavale has been hired as the lead of “M.O.N.Y.,” NBC’s drama pilot from Tom Fontana and Barry Levinson, which is being directed by Spike Lee. Also, “Justice” co-star Rebecca Mader has landed a co-starring role on ABC’s drama pilot “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.”

“M.O.N.Y.,” from NBC Universal TV Studio, centers on a socially conscious New York public advocate (Cannavale) who is thrust into the position of becoming interim mayor and struggles to balance his moral center with the hardball realities of New York politics.

Based on the 2005 feature, “Smith,” from Regency TV and Dutch Oven, revolves around John and Jane (Jordana Brewster) Smith, a married couple who are spies. Madert will play Jane’s former assistant who is her top associate at the covert ops agency. Mader appeared in The Devil Wears Prada.