YouTube Discovery Joins MADtv


Previously known and discovered as Lisa Nova on YouTube, Lisa Donovan joins the hilarious cast of “MADtv,” which airs Saturdays (11:00 PM-Midnight ET/PT) on Fox. Donovan will first be seen in the episode airing Saturday, Feb. 17.

A native of New York, Donovan attended the University of Colorado-Boulder before moving to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. She went on several auditions, including one for “MADtv,” and performed with a small improv group. Donovan continued to audition and started her own production company, Zappin Productions, where she wrote, produced and edited numerous short films. Eventually, her creative partner introduced her to YouTube, where their online videos quickly became popular, with several featured on YouTube’s main page. After Donovan’s videos were discovered by “MADtv’s” casting director, Donovan again was asked to audition for the late-night sketch show, and got the part.

Now in its 12th season, the Emmy-winning “MADtv” continues to lampoon everything from politics (Black State of the Union) to movies (Dreamgirls and Capote) to TV programs (“Grey’s Anatomy” and “House”). Noted for its signature characters, celebrity impersonations and edgy pop-culture commentaries, “MADtv” features cast members Ike Barinholtz, Frank Caeti, Crista Flanagan, Keegan-Michael Key, Bobby Lee, Michael McDonald, Arden Myrin, Nicole Parker, Jordan Peele and Nicole Randall Johnson. They have created such popular characters as McDonald’s Stuart and Dr. Phil, Lee’s Blind Kung Fu Master and Connie Chung, Parker’s Ellen and Jessica Simpson, Barinholtz’s Howie Long and Kevin Federline, Key’s Coach Hines and Snoop Dogg, Peele’s Morgan Freeman and Ja Rule and Myrin’s Tara Reid and Jillian Barberie.

“MADtv” is a production of QDe. The executive producers are David Salzman, Quincy Jones and Dick Blasucci.