Michael Emerson on Lost


Crave Online caught up with “Lost” star Michael Emerson, who plays lead “Other” Ben Linus on the hit ABC show. While he couldn’t reveal too many things (the actors don’t know much more than we do of the overal plot), he mentioned some interesting bits:

Crave Online: Will we see Ben’s flashback?

Michael Emerson: That would be a really interesting flashback, wouldn’t it? I don’t think there’s one coming soon. It would have to give away so much backstory, not just about him but about the island and the origins of all these miracles and mysteries, they would have to think carefully about it. But yeah, that would be a heck of an episode when and if it happens.

Crave Online: We left with you on the operating table, so are you in bad shape when we come back?

Michael Emerson: Yeah, you’re going to come back in mid-operation I believe and it’s not going to be pretty for a while.

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