New Details Emerge Regarding True Detective Season Two


On the heels of receiving 12 Emmy nominations this morning, HBO’s “True Detective” is beginning to let slip some details about its much-anticipated second season. In a conversation with The Daily Beast, screenwriter Nic Pizzolatto confirms that, as has already been rumored, the setting will move to California. He also reveals that the new episodes will follow four leads and that multiple directors will be involved (For the first season, Cary Fukunaga helmed all ten episodes).

“Creating new characters for season two was the same experience as creating Rust and Marty,” says Pizzolatto. “They didn’t exist until I created them. Then, in their creation, I developed a personal attachment to them. I think it’s the same in anything you write. It’s your job to come up with compelling characters who speak to an individual authenticity. If I’m not interested in the characters I can’t go on. I have to be fascinated by them.”

Pizzolatto would neither confirm nor deny rumors that the second season would involve the “secret occult history” of Los Angeles’ transportation system, but he did suggest that there has been some over-speculation regarding the show’s return.

“We’re not keeping any secrets,” he says. “So when something concrete develops, we’ll announce it to everybody. But everything has just been empty rumors so far.”

As such, no casting has yet taken place for the new season of “True Detective,” but we’ll have updates as soon as more information becomes available.