Survive the Zombie Apocalypse with The Walking Dead Chop Shop!


How many conversations have you had about the zombie apocalypse? Admit it, you’ve been in that situation and you’ve seriously mulled over what you would do to survive: Who you’d join forces with, where you would hole up, how you would get around… Now, regarding the latter, how would you get around? By foot? By bike? By car? If by car, what kind? What would you outfit it with?

Those questions come to mind when you peruse The Walking Dead Chop Shop by Hyundai.

There, zombie apocalypse survivalists can pick a vehicle and then load it up with everything you need to stay bite-free and out of danger.

At – and its accompanying app – you pick from three cars to customize: The Veloster Turbo, Elantra and Sante Fe.

Once you’ve made your selection, then you choose from a wide selection of goodies – using the points you start off with for purchasing the items – to help you survive any zombie encounter, from a few shambling stragglers to an undead herd.

What happens when you run out of points? You answer trivia questions about The Walking Dead to earn more. And once your car is complete, matching your personality and survival abilities, you put it on display where it is scored based on defense, offense, speed and stealth.

Also, if you’re feeling confident, enter your car in a contest. Robert Kirkman – creator of “The Walking Dead” – will select a winner and if yours is chosen, it will actually be created and unveiled by Kirkman at the New York Comic-Con this fall.

Check it all out at