Win a Game of Thrones ‘Beautiful Death’ Puzzle


Win a Game of Thrones 'Beautiful Death' Puzzle

Win a Game of Thrones ‘Beautiful Death’ puzzle

Game of Thrones is a series stocked with stunning, violent and erotic imagery, much of which we’ve never seen before and all of which we’ve never seen in a primetime television program. And what makes the stirring show even more culturally relevant is the way its iconography has infiltrated all the liberal arts, from that chest-pounding theme song to the costumes, toys and more. Among the artful extensions of the Game of Thrones universe is USAopoly and HBO’s new line of Robert M. Ball illustrated collector’s “Beautiful Death” puzzles, each one depicting in an abstract way, key moments of operatic and narratively important bloodshed.

The “Beautiful Death” series are 1000-piece puzzles that measure 19-by-27 inches and would look beautiful framed in any serious GOT fan’s living room. Lucky for you, dear reader, we have one of the puzzles to giveaway. Details on how to win are below.

“Violence is a Disease” is Ball’s depiction of Season 6, Episode 7, “The Broken Man.” This is the episode where The Hound mourns the death of Septon, a murder that helps put him on a new, courageous path. Here, we see the blood dripping axe of The Hound wedged in a tree trunk with his screaming emblem reflected in its blade. Stunning work.

To win this puzzle, email with the words “Violence is a Disease” in the subject line. One lucky winner will be chosen at random. Good luck