Fear the Walking Dead Episode 206 Recap: The Gang Makes it to Mexico



Fear the Walking Dead Episode 206 Recap

In Mexico, a priest in a small church preaches about their faith being tested in the face of the new epidemic. He tells them not to give in to the doubt, and everyone takes communion. “We will defeat it by surviving it.” They all rush outside and grab weapons from a pile on the ground. Thomas rushes up to them and begs them not to go. Suddenly the people from the church start to collapse and bleed from the eyes. The priest blames Thomas for protecting Celia, who he decries as evil. The communion wafers were poisoned, and everyone from the church dies.

On the Abigail, Travis tries to talk to Chris about what happened with Reed. Chris thinks that everyone is mad at him, but Travis is just concerned, and Madison is worried about him.

Upstairs, Luis prepares to take payment to Miguel, his contact. He is supposed to take the little speedboat out to meet him, but Miguel and another guy are coming right for them. Strand sends Madison to collect everyone and hide in the engine room. Downstairs, Daniel translates for them. Things seem to be going well but one guy wants to check the boat – it is a big boat to only be carrying two people. They wanted to make sure there are no infected on board. Suddenly there are gunshots, and the sounds of bodies dropping. The engine starts up and the group come upstairs. Strand tries to get them out of there, as someone is still shooting at the boat. Luis, Miguel, and the mystery third man are dead. Daniel puts a dagger through their heads, but when he gets to Luis he finds he is still alive – though barely. He begs Daniel not to kill him, and gives Ofelia an owl coin to give to his mother. Daniel tosses the coin overboard, but leaves Luis to die on his own. Luis whispers something to Nick. The shooting from other boats has stopped. They must think whatever is on land will kill them.


The crew of the Abigail makes land. They come upon a pile of dead humans in front of the church, being eaten by dogs and flies. Strand recognizes Thomas’ truck and rushes to find him. There is a gurgle and everyone grabs weapons. The churchgoers are now zombies, and our team kills them. Daniel, while holding a kid by the throat, has a flashback, forcing Ofelia to save him. Nick is traumatized at putting an axe in the head of a little girl. Madison is set upon by a zombie and she can’t get it off. Chris sees this – and does nothing. Alicia notices this and yells at him. She jumps in and saves her mom. Time to go.

Strand drives them to Thomas’ estate. It exists, exactly as Strand promised. An enormous estate, with crops, a vineyard, and livestock surrounded by a concrete wall. Celia greets them, and Strand must admit that Luis is “one of them now.” Celia isn’t concerned: “He will find his way back.” A housekeeper will show them around, but house rules: no weapons. Daniel isn’t pleased about this.

Celia takes Strand to visit Thomas. He is sitting by the window, ill. A bloody bite mark is poorly concealed beneath a bandage. “I waited for you,” Thomas says weakly.

Alicia is watching old movies on TV when Chris walks in. She gives him the remote and walks away. He confronts her and she tells him she saw what he did: watching them try to kill her mom, and doing nothing to help. Chris denies it, says he froze, then begs her not to tell anyone. “If you say anything it will ruin our family,” he insists. “What if I do tell?” Alicia challenges. Chris counters with, “I don’t want to hurt anyone.”


Nick sits with Celia as she makes dinner. He tells her that Luis was thinking about her as he died. She thanks him and asks why he has a “heavy smile.” Nick admits he is sick of the killing. Celia nods, but says this is nothing new; the dead have always walked amongst them. Now they can just see them. Madison hears this and sends Nick to shower. Madison is lightly hostile towards Celia, warning her that Nick is impressionable.

Outside, Celia goes to an altar beneath the watchful eye of an owl carving. She places a photo of Luis along with the other photos of the dead. Daniel is there and apologizes for Luis’ death. “You have nothing to be sorry about – he wasn’t shot in the head.” Daniel is disturbed by this. He goes to his room, and declines dinner. He tells Ofelia he is not hungry. Ofelia is worried about him.

After dinner, Madison finds Alicia watching TV. “It’s pathetic how much I miss TV,” Alicia admits. They bond for a few minutes, and Alicia takes the opportunity to tell her mom something. The tranquility of the scene is broken when Madison slams into Travis’ bedroom and confronts him about Chris. Alicia told her everything, and Madison thinks Chris is sick and needs help. They argue, and Travis reminds her of all he has done to help Nick. Madison approached this whole thing with anger, which was met with anger, which leads to a big blowout. Madison is mad that her daughter was threatened, but Travis considers Alicia his daughter, too. She is going to sleep with Alicia tonight, so Travis will sleep with Chris.

Thomas is getting worse, and Strand won’t leave his side. He encourages Thomas to let go, but Thomas doesn’t want to leave him. So Strand says he will go with him. There is nothing left for him when Thomas is gone, and Celia will watch over them. Thomas likes the idea.


Outside, Daniel sees a little kid hoist a puppy into a vent of some kind. He goes to investigate, and hears a child talking to someone, complaining there is no one to play with. Daniel asks who he is talking to. “My mommy.” He agrees that Daniel can meet her – he can see her through the gate. Daniel enters the room and discovers a whole mess of zombies behind what looks like a prison cell.

Daniel goes straight to Celia and asks if she is responsible for the cellar. “They are family,” she replies. It wasn’t safe for them outside because they were being hunted as monsters. Daniel sees a couple communion wafers and realizes she killed the church patrons. Celia doesn’t see it that way; the knife to the head is what kills them. Daniel killed them. She wants to know what he is afraid of, and suggests he make peace with his dead.

Celia takes the poisoned wafers upstairs and cleans up Thomas, singing him to sleep. She tells Strand she never thought he was good enough for Thomas, but knows now she was wrong. “It is a beautiful thing you are doing for him.” Strand holds Thomas, his breathing raspy. Then it stops. Strand cries, holds him close, then gets up. He walks past the poison wafers.

Nick finds Celia outside and continues to question her about the dead. “They’re not really dead, are they? Then what are they?” “They are what comes next.”

Chris waits until his dad is asleep, then sneaks out of the room. He slips into Madison and Alicia’s room. The two women spoon together, fast asleep. He takes a knife off the table next to the bed. A gunshot wakes the girls, who scream at him. Chris takes off through an exterior door.

The gunshot came from Strand. He shot Thomas in the head so he wouldn’t come back. He did not take his wafer.

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