Fear the Walking Dead Episode 205 Recap: A Comedy of Errors


Fear the Walking Dead Episode 205 Recap: A Comedy of Errors

Fear the Walking Dead Episode 205 Recap: A Comedy of Errors

Connor makes a steak for Alicia. He wants to get to know her, and thinks she will be happy there. The power goes out, and he goes to check. Vida takes Alicia’s plate and eats her food, following Connor out onto the dock and locking Alicia in. Alicia rushes through the boat; all the doors appear to be locked. She finally finds a way out, and ends up on the dock. It looks like she is on a commercial fishing boat – and they are in dry dock. Jack finds her and takes her back downstairs. He is mad and knows Connor would be mad. Alicia wants to see Travis and find out where they left her family. He promises to find out, and she promises she trusts him.

On the Abigail, Reed’s injuries are pretty severe. Daniel cleans him up as best as he can, and lets Reed blather on. He finds out Connor is Reed’s older brother, “the nice one,” even though Connor cut the Achilles tendon of their abusive father. He also finds out that Connor has a dozen men and five boats. That’s all he needed, and takes Chris out into the hallway. Chris wants to guard him, which Daniel thinks is a good idea – keep him busy with an important job. Keep his mind from going places it shouldn’t. Daniel takes this info to Madison. They spot a cluster of five boats on the radar and head in that direction. Strand is still recovering from his near-hypothermia, so Madison steers the boat. Luis is furious to discover they are heading north and insists that their window to get past the boarder is quickly closing. Strand sides with Madison, though he later tells her to consider them even for her saving his life. Once he is a little stronger, he takes the wheel from Madison.

Travis is in a cage of sorts, on the lower level of the boat. He tries to pick the lock, but stops when he hears footsteps. Alex, the woman who Strand cut free from the boat, is there, and she relishes telling Travis the details of how she killed the boy she was trying to save. She was near death when Connor found her. She offered him the Abigail but requested that she get Travis. Travis defends the decision to put them on the raft. Alex says she saw in Travis’ eyes, that he knew it was the wrong thing to do, but let it happen. Travis admits he made the wrong decision; that he is no better than the man who cut the rope.


Jack is showing Alicia what her job would be: watching ships on the radar, logging them, trying to decide which ones they should hit. She picks one, and Jack likes it. He tells her to log it with the designation MY44. Alicia is troubled by this, then she realizes: MY44 is the Abigail. Suddenly an expert in all matters nautical, she gets panicky, thinking that Reed wouldn’t have had time to drop her family on land and then come up here. Thinking that her family has been killed or dumped, she attacks Jack. Jack insists it is Reed who does all the real dirty work. Alicia is more determined than ever to make sure her family is alive, and Jack agrees to help her. She finds a boat moving slowly, that might have engine trouble, and picks that to be their next target. She then works out with Jack that, when Connor goes to investigate that boat, they will grab a boat from shore and make a break for it.

From the deck, Strand and Daniel see what they presume is Connor’s fleet.

Reed tries to mess with Chris’ mind. Daniel told him not to engage, but Reed starts talking about how they are both outsiders, that Madison and Nick will “put him down like a stray” when it comes to him or a blood relation. Nick pops in to check on him, and shuts the door. Chris admits that it is his fault; he froze when he knew he should have shot at them. Nick promises it isn’t his fault.

Jack sneaks Alicia in to visit Travis. She tells him what she thinks is going on with Abigail, and Travis tries to soothe her – Madison would not let anything bad happen to them. She tells him his plan and vows to come back for him, but Travis doesn’t want her to come back – just go.

The Abigail is sitting uncertainly just off the shore. Connor buzzes over the radio, thinking that Reed is in charge, and tells him to stop taking his time and get off the boat. Madison finally speaks up and offers a trade: Reed for Travis and Alicia. Connor weighs his options, but eventually agrees. Just after the radio goes dead, a gunshot goes off.


Chris clutches a gun, staring in shock. “He was gonna turn,” he tells Ofelia. She goes into the room and sees that Reed has been shot dead. Luis is at the end of his rope with this crew and insists they are heading south now. Chris leaves, and Madison goes after him. Chris insists he was sick, was going to turn. “That’s what happens now.” Madison takes the gun from him, and Chris hears the others arguing. He realizes he screwed up, but Madison holds him and promises they will figure it out.

Ofelia and Nick work together to clean up Reed’s corpse. “He wasn’t going to turn, was he?” asks Ofelia nervously. On cue, Reed sits up, growling. Chris apparently didn’t hit Reed’s brain. Nick is about to shoot it when Daniel comes in and plants zombie Reed against the wall with the rebar that is still impaled through him. Daniel prepares Reed for the prisoner swap, dressing him in a fresh jacket and putting a hood over his head. As he does this, Daniel hears – or thinks he hears – a voice whisper to him in Spanish, “Take the gun.” It is a weird moment that seems unnecessary and is just going to lead to some weird Jaws 4 “the shark can sense where the Brodys are” supernatural nonsense. Up on deck, Nick argues with Madison that he should be the one to make the exchange. Madison won’t let him because he “wants to.”

Alicia has no idea what is going on. She hides from Jack when he is sent to find her. She goes to find Travis but his cage is empty. She is confused, then confronted by Vida. Vida trieds to lock Alicia in the cage, but Alicia wins and locks the pregnant woman in the cage.


Strand and Nick keep an eye on the proceedings from the deck of the Abigail. Travis is also brought to the exchange with a bag over his head. Connor doesn’t know where Alicia is, so to save face he tells Madison that she gets her when he knows Reed is safe. Sensing time is not on their side, Madison pushes Reed towards his brother and grabs Travis away. Connor discovers his brother is now a zombie, but he rips into Connor before he can take any action. Travis fights one of the other guys.

Alicia is up on the high deck, trying to figure out what to do next. She sees the fighting on the dock and is relieved to see her family is there. Jack finds her and asks why she is running. “We can go now,” he says. Alicia’s family came back; she has to go with them. “So you were just going to leave?” He asks if she really wants to travel with these people, trust these people. She weighs her options, but chooses her family and jumps overboard. Travis and Madison pull her onto the dinghy and they speed off back to the Abigail.

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