Game of Thrones Episode 603 Recap



Game of Thrones Episode 603 Recap

Davos stares in shock at the sight of the living, breathing Jon Snow. He wraps Jon in his cloak and helps him sit up. The last thing Jon remembers is Olly plunging a knife through his heart. Melisandre hovers, and asks where he went, what he saw after he died. “Nothing. Nothing at all.” This is not the answer Melisandre was looking for. Still, she believes “the lord let you come back for a reason.” Stannis was not the prince as promised, but someone has to be. Melisandre leaves the menfolk to talk. Davos thinks it is “f*cking mad” that Jon came back to life. Jon is searching for a greater meaning to his returning to life. He failed the first time around. Fully dressed, Jon goes out to greet those who remain at Castle Black – which are mostly wildlings. Tormund tells him they think he is some sort of god, which Jon dismisses. “I know, I saw your pecker. What kind of god would have a pecker that small?” He has a similarly warm “welcome back” greeting from Edd.

Gilly is excited about their ocean adventure; Samwell is mostly sick. He warns her that the citadel doesn’t allow women, and there is no Jon Snow to bend the rules. He wants her to stay with his family, promising his mom and sister will take good care of her. Gilly protests at first, but then concedes.

The Three-Eyed Raven takes Bran on another visit to the past. Ned Stark and Howland Reed – Meera’s father – meet two of the Mad King’s Kingsguard. One of them is Arthur Dayne. Ned is there for his sister; Arthur instead chooses to fight. The two Kingsguards each draw two swords, making it a slightly more even fight against Ned, Howland, and four of their friends. Despite being outnumbered, the Kingsguards hold their own. It comes down to just Arthur and Ned, both with bloody swords. Bran is concerned because Arthur is clearly better than his father, but he knows his father wins. Instead, Arthur disarms Ned, but before he can land the killing blow, Howland jumps up – not quite dead yet – and stabs Arthur. Ned finishes him off with a slice across the throat. He doesn’t have time to enjoy his victory because he hears a scream coming from a tower and goes to, presumably, collect his sister. Bran wants to follow, but the Raven refuses. Bran calls “Father!” and Ned pauses, turns. The Raven pulls Bran from the vision, and they return to the burrow. Bran knows his father heard him; the Raven insists he thought it was the wind. He promises that Bran won’t be here forever, but before he leaves, he must “learn everything.” Because there is nothing better than taking the slow-boat through the history that demolishes your father’s reputation.

Game of Thrones Episode 603 Recap

Daenerys is brought to the Temple of Dosh Khaleen, where an older woman, clearly the matriarch, stokes a fire. The men are told to leave, and the other women strip Daenerys of her light, airy gown and her dragon necklace, and she is given a plain brown shift to wear. The leader is Khal Salvo’s widow and wants to know why Daenerys didn’t come to them when Drogo died. Daenerys tries to assert herself with her long, fancy title, but no one is impressed. The matriarch informs her that if she is fortunate, she will be allowed to stay with them. It is forbidden for the widows to go out into the world; the Dothraki leaders will decide where her place is.

In Meereen, Vala is brought to Varys. She thinks she is going to be tortured for information on the Sons of the Harpy. Varys inquires about her son, and even though it sounds menacing, he assures her he wouldn’t hurt a child. Vala thinks if she doesn’t talk, Varys will kill her; if she does talk, the Sons of the Harpy will kill her. Varys offers her a third option: passage for her and her son to Pentos, along with a sack of silver to start a new life.

Meanwhile, Tyrion is sitting awkwardly with Grey Worm and Missandei. He tries to get them to engage in casual conversation, but all Grey Worm knows to speak about is patrol. Tyrion suggests a game. Grey Worm thinks games are for children; Missandei only knows of games that her former slavers made the girls play. Tyrion assures her it is nothing like that, and tries a drinking game. They don’t drink. Luckily, Varys comes in with answers. The Sons of the Harpy are being funded by former leaders of Astapor, Yunkai, and Volantis. Tyrion decides that, before they go to war, he wants to send messages to them. He will send his birds with the message.


Speaking of “little birds,” Qyburn is sucking up to Varys’ “little bird” children by giving them sweets – which always seems creepy, especially when he promises them more if they bring him “whispers.” Cersei, Jaime, and Gregor enter, scaring the kids off. Qyburn assures Cersei that they are her “little birds” now, which she appreciates. She wants to know each and every person who is speaking ill about her. She seems to be plotting her revenge. Next, Cersei, Jaime, and Gregor interrupt the Small Council. Both Lannisters believe they have a right to sit in on the council; unfortunately, no one on the council wants them there. The Lannisters sit. Uncle Kevan speaks up: “We cannot make you leave, but you cannot make us stay.” With that, the Council leaves.

Tommen visits the High Sparrow to find out why he won’t let his mother visit Myrcella’s final resting place. The Sparrow won’t let her until Cersei “atones fully,” which means she must stand trial. Tommen does his best to sound kingly while demanding fairness for his mother and his queen. The High Sparrow sits with Tommen, spouting religious nonsense about how Cersei’s love for Tommen is more real than anything, but that the gods wanted her to take her walk of atonement, and want her to stand trial. “If we are to be just and good, we must accept that no one is wiser than the gods.”

Arya, still blind, is back at the House of Black and White, being trained by the Waif. She tells the story of Arya; she fights with the Waif; she learns how to mix potions based on smell. The Waif asks her about her “list,” which now only has three names: Walder Frey, Cersei Lannister, and Gregor Clegane. The Waif doesn’t believe her and tries to strike Arya. Arya blocks it successfully. I guess her training is over, for the Waif leaves. Jaqen H’Ghar comes to her and offers to give her back her sight if she tells him her name. “A girl has no name,” she answers. They sit at the edge of the mystical water pit, and hands her a cup of water. “If a girl is truly no one she has nothing to fear,” he tells her when Arya hesitates to drink from the fountain, which she has seen kill. She sips, and her vision is restored. Jaqen asks her once more, “Who are you?” “No one.”


Ramsay Bolton and Harald Karstark are greeted by Smalljon Umber. Smalljon is worried about the number of wildlings that are moving south, after Jon Snow let so many of them through Castle Black. He likes fighting them, but he’s worried there are too many for him to take on. Ramsay offers to help but insists Smalljon pledge fealty to House Bolton. Smalljon refuses to kneel, but offers him a gift. His men bring in two people: Osha the wildling, and a young boy he claims is Rickon Stark. When asked to prove it, Smalljon produces the severed head of Rickon’s direwolf. “Welcome home, Lord Stark,” Ramsay says evilly.

Because once is never enough, we head back to Castle Black, where Jon Snow is dressed in his Lord Commander cloak. Edd tells him it is time, and he goes outside. The traitors are all lined up, nooses around their necks. He offers them their last words. “You shouldn’t be alive, it’s not right,” says one. Another asks that his wife be told he died fighting the wildlings. Alliser offers no apologies: he did what he felt was right, and believes he would do it again. Olly just glares at Jon with pure hatred. He has nothing to say. Jon draws his sword, contemplates for a moment, and cuts the rope, dropping all four traitors. They writhe for a moment, but all hang until dead. Jon then hands his coat to Edd. “Wear it, burn it, whatever. You have Castle Black. My watch has ended.” Without looking back, Jon leaves Castle Black.

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