Director Reveals He’s Helming a Tremors Reboot

Don Michael Paul is making a decent living directing sequels that head to VOD and DVD. It began with Lake Placid: The Final Chapter and, according to his blog, he has already shot Jarhead 2: Field of Fire and Sniper: Legacy (the Sniper movies are still going?!). Soon, he’s apparently going to be doing a Tremors reboot for Universal.

Yes, a new take on the 1990 film – arguably one of the best monster movies of the ’90s – that starred Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward and concerns underground worm-like creatures with mouth tentacles that ate people.

Tremors, Beetlejuice & Dune Collide in the Best Fan Art You’ll See Today

Twitter’s a fun place for discovery. Take, for instance, a piece of fan art that is making the rounds this morning. It comes to us from Stephen Andrade and features a Graboid from Tremors, a sandworm from Beetlejuice and a sandworm from Dune in a race. And look closely at their riders. Yep, that’s Valentine, Beetlejuice himself and, likely, Paul Atreides.