Scooby-Doo Lost Mysteries Continue! Hatchet! Chainsaw 2! Deadly Friend!

Artist Travis Falligant is keeping us entertained with his series of “Scooby-Doo: The Lost Mysteries” illustrations. This time, he has updated with four more images that drop the Scooby gang into Wes Craven’s Deadly Friend, Tobe Hooper’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Part 2 and Adam Green’s Hatchet.
There are now over 20 mash-up pics – you’ll find them all in the gallery here. Catch up, if you haven’t seen them all already. Falligant has been uploading these “what if?” animation cell-like images to his Facebook page. Head on over and give it a “like.”

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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Beautifully Realized as a Video Game Package Art

Blake Armstrong. That name should be familiar to you by now because I was heaping praise on the man and his artistic talents in the news recently with a spotlight on his recent Re-Animator print.

For the last few days, Armstrong has been teasing via Twitter and Instagram a new piece dedicated to that horror masterpiece that’s celebrating its 40th anniversary this year: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. And it has finally been revealed in all of its glory.

MondoCon Features Texas Chainsaw Live Score, Godzilla 1983 Panel & So Much More

Mondo is thrilled to announce its programming lineup of panels and screening events for MondoCon, set to coincide with the first weekend of Fantastic Fest on September 20 & 21 at The Marchesa Hall & Theater in Austin, TX.

Mondo is creating a convention unlike any other, bringing together unique guests from a variety of areas to celebrate film, music, art, and toys with the world’s finest artists, designers, toy creators as well as filmmakers, composers and more.

Panels and screenings will take place in the theater and the exhibition hall will host booths for individual artists and companies featuring artwork and products for sale. The exhibition hall will also offer a unique chance for fans to interact with creators in an intimate environment.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre Arriving in a Black Maria Box Set!

This is a big year for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre with it being the 40th anniversary and all. I’m curious as to what they’ll do 10 years from now for the 50th anniversary? The film is going to look the best it has ever looked, thanks to the 4k restoration.

That print is now making its way to DVD and Blu-ray, courtesy of Dark Sky Films, on September 16th. In addition to the usual special edition releases on the two formats, a special Limited Deluxe “Black Maria” Collector’s Edition is going to be made available. That’s what you’re looking at above.

RIP Texas Chain Saw Massacre’s Marilyn Burns

Family members of actress Marilyn Burns have revealed that she has passed away at the age of 65. Cause of death is unknown, but she was found unresponsive in her Houston home yesterday.

Burns gained genre recognition and solidified her place as one of the ultimate “final girls” in Tobe Hooper’s The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, a film celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. In that film, she played Sally Hardesty, a young woman who contends with Leatherface and his warped family.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre Screening Brings Together William Friedkin & Tobe…

Los Angeles, here’s one last thing to squeeze into your busy schedules before you leave for San Diego to visit Comic-Con. Cinefamily is holding a special 40th anniversary screening of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. But they’re making it super special. As you know, the film has been restore, courtesy of MPI/Dark Sky and it’s making the theatrical rounds.

On July 21st at 7:30pm, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre will be accompanied by a Q&A featuring Tobe Hooper and William Friedkin!

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Restoration Screening Theater Listing, Trailer

Yes, folks, that’s a “Chain Saw” you’re seeing in that headline. That’s how The Texas Chain Saw Massacre was released and that’s how they’re spelling it out now with the 40th anniversary restoration screening poised to tour around the country. (“Chainsaw” just became the popular go-to spelling.)

Shock has received a breakdown of cities and theaters playing this new print. A fresh trailer has been cooked up as well, so dig in!

Best to Worst! Ranking Horror’s Icons Part 1: Leatherface

As far as horror franchises go, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a pretty damn interesting one, comprised of installments that each tell very different stories about the Ed Gein-inspired lead villain, and his whacky clan.

As a result, the depiction of the chainsaw-wielding Leatherface varies greatly from film to film, with both his look and personality changing and evolving throughout the seven installments – which include a four film original franchise, a two film reboot franchise and of course, a recent sequel that brazenly returned the series to its roots.

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Celebrate Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s 40th Anniversary With These New T-Shirts

Fright Rags wants to help you celebrate the 40th anniversary of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre by putting Leatherface all over your chest with five new t-shirts for you guys and gals out there.

Godmachine, Jason Edmiston, Justin Osbourn, Abrar Ajmal and Jeff Zornow each offer a unique take on The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s iconic madman, Leatherface – check them out in the gallery here.

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