The Grudge Reboot Writer Wants You to Know a Few Things

The Grudge reboot started to gain some traction last month when it was announced Jeff Buhler was brought on as screenwriter for Ghost House Pictures. With three American films and a handful of Japanese Ju-On entries, fans wondered: What more was there left to tell?

Buhler spoke to FEARnet and, as usual, he’s commited to secrecy, but he said a few promising things.

Midnight Meat Train Writer Boards The Grudge Reboot

With a new Ju-On film in production in Japan, big strides are being taken on The Grudge reboot here in the U.S. You’ll recall Shock first spoke of this project back in November 2011 when producer Roy Lee informed us they were looking to do a “new version” of the franchise.

Deadline reports today that Jeff Buhler of Midnight Meat Train has been tapped to pen the new film for Ghost House Pictures and Good Universe.