Greatest Movie Death: The Terminator

The (very belated) “death” of the T-800 in The Terminator (1984) – I know this is not strictly a human death but it lingered in the consciousness long after the film had finished.

I saw the film on VHS in 1986 and had NO IDEA what the story was about or even if the guy from Conan The Barbarian was gonna play a good guy or a bad guy (NB – back then, it took anywhere from a year to 18 months for a cinema film to come out on video in the UK).

The Terminator Reboot Has Found Its Sarah Connor

?Said to be one of two finalists for the role last week, Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke has won the role of Sarah Connor in the upcoming Terminator reboot.

Deadline has the news, reporting that Clarke joins the already-attached Arnold Schwarzenegger with Jason Clarke nearly set to play a later version of Sarah Connor’s son, John Connor.