Fantasia Welcomes Second Wave of Films, Subterranean Program

The Fantasia International Film Festival kicks off on July 17th and we’ve just received a breakdown of the latest films you can expect to see play at the annual event. Fantasia takes place in Montreal, Canada. I’ll be heading out there the last week of July (post-Comic-Con) to check out some films and provide some coverage here at Shock.

This year, Tobe Hooper will be receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award and Ju-On: The Beginning of the End will make its international screening debut.

MPI Enters a Summer of Blood

One of this year’s Tribeca Film Festival entries, Summer of Blood, has found a home at MPI Media. A fall DVD/VOD is being planned for the film written and directed by Onur Tukel. He also stars! Here’s the official synopsis from Tukel himself…